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Crazy 4 Poker

Introduction to Crazy 4 Poker – Rules, How to play & More! 

This table game, Crazy 4 Poker is similar to a three card poker game. The difference is that this game uses four cards to determine the winning hand. To win the game, you have to play strategically. The game is designed to increase suspense as the players continue with the game. To win, what you need is to have the higher ranking number of cards. These can be a straight represented by a 4-card straight, a flush represented by a 4-card flush or a straight flush represented by a 4-card straight flush.

crazy 4 poker cards and chips


Started back in 2004, Roger Snow developed it and was introduced into the market by ShuffleMaster. After its introduction, the game is slowly gaining momentum, and its popularity has sparked with its online presence although the game has gained a lot of success and is now one of the most played casino table games that are similar to poker.


Crazy 4 Poker has many rules attached to it. If interested in the game, here is how to play Crazy 4 Poker:

  • The player places his bet. It is both for the ante wager and the super bonus wager. If interested in the Queens Up Side, you can place a bet as the game starts.
  • The player and the dealer are each issued with five cards.
  • The player is given a chance to review and decide whether to fold or raise. To do this, you need to place a play wager.
  • If you choose to fold, you lose all bets.
  • If you decide to raise, you may need to place up to three times the ante bet. To do this, ensure you have at least a pair of aces. If not, place a play bet that is equal to the original ante bet.
  • Players combine and select the best four cards from the five cards issued.
  • After placing the stakes, the dealer now turns his cards for the players to view and determine the best ranking four cards out of the five, which makes the dealers hand.
  • The dealer’s hand is then compared to the players to determine the winning side.
  • crazy 4 poker live game at a casino


There are two types of bets:

  • Ante Bet

It is the original bet placed before the game starts

  • Play bet

It is a bet placed once the player decides that he wants to continue playing and not forfeit after issuance of the five cards. It determines the next step in the game.

  • Queens UP Side

It is a free bet. In this type of bet, you need Queens a pair or a combination of better ranking cards. The bet is not in any way affected by the dealer’s hand.

  • Super bonus bet

It is a bet placed by the player and is the same amount as the play bet. The play bet is equal to the ante wager. In this bet, you win if you have a straight or another hand rank better than this. Besides, you lose the bet if you fold and if you lose against the dealer.


The objective of this game is to win against the dealer with the best ranking four cards.

crazy 4 poker table layout

Hand Ranks

The poker hand is composed of four cards. High category poker hands beat lower poker hands.

  • Four of a kind.
  • Straight flush
  • Three of a kind
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Two pair
  • Pair
  • Four singletons


For the ante bet, crazy 4 Poker payouts are as follows. If the dealer:

  • Does not open the Ante pushes.
  • Opens and player win the Ante wins.
  • Opens and ties the Ante pushes.
  • Opens and wins the Ante loses.

For the play bet, the payouts are as follows. If the dealer:

  • Does not open the Play wins.
  • Opens and player win the Play wins.
  • Opens and ties player the Play pushes.
  • Opens and wins the Play loses.

For the super bonus, to win in this bet, you need:

  • A straight or a higher ranking poker hand
  • You win even with less than a straight
  • Even when you lose and still have a straight


Player hand Payout
4 Aces 200
4 2-K 30
Straight Flush 15
3 of a kind 2
Flush 1.5
Straight 1

For the Queens Up Side Bet, the payouts are as follows.



Four of a kind 50 to 1 50 to 1 50 to 1 50 to 1
Straight flush 30 to 1 40 to 1 30 to 1 40 to 1
Three of a kind 9 to 1 8 to 1 8 to 1 7 to 1
Flush 4 to 1 4 to 1 4 to 1 4 to 1
Straight 3 to 1 3 to 1 3 to 1 3 to 1
Two pair 2 to 1 2 to 1 2 to 1 2 to 1
Pair of queens + 1 to 1 1 to 1 1 to 1 1 to

House edge

One of the questions is what the house edge for Crazy 4 Poker is? The answer is simple. It is 2.75%.

Strategy tips

The game employs a simple strategy. Be sure to use these simple rules:

  • If you have a pair of aces or higher ranking cards, then place a significant raise
  • If you have a K, a Q, an 8, or a 4, then place small raises
  • Fold if you any other card ranks


The game is played using six card decks. It is played against the dealer. For online players, all you need is your computer, mobile phone, iPad or laptop, and a reliable internet source. All that is then required is a comfortable space for you to stand or a comfy chair to sit on. With all these items, you can now enjoy Crazy 4 Poker at your comfort and convenience.

For offline games, a table is required, with seats for all the players. The tables come with a casino war logo. The dealer draws cards for players and picks one card for himself.

What are the strategies for Crazy 4 Poker?

There are several gambling strategies to get close to winning either of the bets. Here is a simple strategy rule that applies. First, ensure that you make a large raise only when allowed (and have a pair of aces or higher card values). Second, if you have K-Q-8-4 cards or higher value cards, make a small raise. If you follow these two strategies, you can fold all others. There is very little increase in the house edge with this strategy at less than 0.00001%.

What are the rank of hands for Crazy 4 Poker?

The hands are ranked as follows from the lowest to the highest: • Two pair • Four of a kind • Straight • Flush • Three of a kind • A pair • Straight Flush • Four Singletons

What strategies are there for Crazy 4 Poker?

Once your 5 cards are dealt, there is only one decision to make: Whether to Fold, Play, or Triple Down. Here's the basic strategy Triple Down - When you have a pair of aces or better. Fold - When your hand is worse than King, Queen, Eight, Four (K-Q-8-4). Play - with all other hands. In other words, whenever your hand is better than K-Q-8-4 and worse than a pair of aces.

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