Under Construction Lisboeta Macau interested in hiring some 1,500 employees

In the Region of Macau, the firm which was awarded the contract of constructing Lisboeta Macau entertainment has made it known through an announcement that the firm will be looking forward to hiring at least 1,500 employees through special jobs’ fair early next week.

Following the reports released by GGRAsia, The Macau Theme Park and Resort Limited made the information public on Sunday.

 The details passed across unveiled the location at which the recruitment will take place. The recruitment event for the legitimate residents of the Region is scheduled to be held at the Regency Art Hotel which is situated at the center of the city’s Taipa neighborhood on the 16th of July. 

The Macau Theme park made declarations as regards the employment scheme. The theme park is really hoping to engage employees to cover a plethora of administration and customer-facing posts across a lot of departments and filling positions up from food service to housekeeping to marketing jobs and corporate administration. 

The firm also made it known that employees are to cover a least 180 ‘non- gaming positions’. However, no announcement was made as regards the number of employees the firm has already employed and also the size and amount of the workers they want to hire.

SJM Holdings Limited | Macau
© SJM Holdings Limited | Macau

Anyway, no one is sure if the Lisboeta Macau would host a casino as no official announcement has been made to affirm this. The Man behind the development of the resort, Mr. Arnaldo Ho Yau-Heng whose father helped Macau established Macau gaming behemoth SJM Holdings Limited.

His also mother also works as SJM Holdings Limited Co-Chair-man and Executive Director. Mr. Arnaldo proclaimed that the construction scheme has been created to “facilitate the economic diversification of Macau” while also making provision for “more career choices for the local workforce”.  

The initial plans 

In the month of October 2018, the plans for the one of a kind Macau-themed integrated resort was announced. The initial plan for the resort was to pay homage to ‘old Macau’. Channeling inspiration from iconic buildings etched into the collective memory of the original of Macau locals which includes New Central Hotel, Hotel Estoril, floating casino Macau Palace. 

Mr. Arnaldo Ho, Founder of Lisboeta, also the director of MTPR made it known in his presentation at the media conference “In recent years, we have seen many beautiful, modern resorts and attractions with all kinds of themes developed on Cotai. However, there is little to be seen of the original, authentic Macau which is characterized by the many architectural icons developed by my father, Dr. Stanley Ho. Therefore, my idea behind the Lisboeta is not only to evoke nostalgia for the old times, but also revitalize those memories of Macau with fresh new concepts. 

“The significance of the name Lisboeta, which means ‘the citizens of Lisboa’ in English, is twofold: it represents the deep bond between Lisboa and Macau, as well as the close ties between our brand and our patrons. Likewise, the Lisboeta is a project dedicated to the Macau people, who manifest the culture and heritage of this city. The integrated resort is set to open in 2020 as a premier integrated entertainment and leisure resort in Macau and regionally.”

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