Nevada Regulator Seeks to Ban Steve Wynn From State’s Casino Industry

After facing sexual assault allegations, Steve Wynn might also be banned from Nevada’s casino industry. The Nevada Gaming Control Board recommended the action in a complaint filed against Wynn, seeking to revoke his casino license. The board stated that associating with Wynn can potentially damage the reputation of the state’s gambling industry. The final decision will be taken by the Nevada Gaming Commission which heads the Gaming Control Board and to which the board submitted its filing. Wynn was requested to appear for a hearing in September of last year as part of the ongoing investigation carried on by the board, but instead his attorney submitted a letter stating that “Mr Wynn, 77 years old, planned to pursue defamation lawsuits related to the allegations and “cannot be reasonably expected to waive any of his privileges except at the appropriate time and in the appropriate judicial forum.”

Sexual assault allegations

Wynn resigned as chairman and chief executive of Wynn Resorts after The Wall Street Journal published an article narrating allegations of sexual misconduct by Wynn towards some of his employees. One allegation suggested that Wynn paid $7.5 million to settle a claim made by one of the manicurists who used to work at Wynn Las Vegas salon. The employee claimed that Wynn forced her to have sex. In earlier statements made by Wynn’s lawyer about the allegations, he said: “the idea that Wynn would ever assault a woman was preposterous.” Wynn sold his stake in Wynn Resorts in March 2018, and ever since only his name remains on his former Las Vegas Strip casino. According to Wynn Resorts spokesmen, “Wynn Resorts remains focused on creating a safe and fair workplace for our employees and appreciates the recognition we have received from regulators for our efforts.”

Wynn Resorts fined $20 million for failing to adhere to employee claims over the years

In the investigation carried on by the Gaming Control Board they have found a “a pattern of Mr. Wynn recklessly engaging in sexual conduct with subordinate employees, which even if it was consensual as maintained by Mr Wynn, is oblivious to the significant power imbalance between the CEO of a major gaming company and subordinate employees.” It is worth mentioning that earlier this year the Nevada Gamin Commission fined Wynn Resorts $20 million after the company admitted to ignoring systematic claims by former employees over the years. A fine considered the largest in the state’s history. Moreover, earlier this year Massachusetts state gambling regulators fined Wynn Resorts $35 million after conducting their own seven-month investigation in the sexual-misconduct allegations. 

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