Casinos Austria International intensifying Japanese Casino campaign

Having operating in Japan for several years, the local subordinate of casinos Austria International has announced they would be set up a process which will eventually see them achieve the purpose of bidding for the rights to create, operate and manage an integrated casino resort on the southern island of Kyushu.

Soon as the announcement was made, the chief executive reportedly declared that an unweaving support and interest have been shown by a number of local businesses in ‘taking part in infrastructure support’ as regards the firm’s proposed Japanese integrated casino resort. However the chief executive refused to identify any of the firm’s prospective partners.

 Hayashi who happens to be the chief executive officer said in quote;

“We are just in the beginning of the formation of a consortium.” 

Casino Austria International who has it’s headquarters situated in Vienna, Austria, are known to operate over 4 gambling facilities in nothing less than 16 jurisdictions. Jurisdictions include Australia, Egypt, Austria and Belgium.

 The proposed consortium is part of the plot to help the firm win at least one of the three casino licenses which is been put up for grabs by the Japanese government. Hayashi stated

“Since we have experience in fitting with all those different environments and cultures, we are confident that those experiences would work for the Japan bid as well.”.  

A revelation was mention that the proposed gambling consortium will be set up on a 74-acre site which is adjacent to the Huis Ten Bosch theme park near the small Nagasaki Prefecture city of Sasebo.

Casino Austria International are so ambitious with the proposed plans as recent records has shown that Japan is very receptive when it comes to gambling. The firm believes they can make more money through the consortium.

Note that, the company has also made plans to envisaged the proposed casino to have a VIP gaming centre as well as the mass market sort. 

Recently, The Governor for Nagasaki prefecture, Hodo Nakamura declared that his area as one of the nation’s “most advanced” and top area as regards the public support needed for the actualization of the integrated casino resort and he strongly hopes his attitude will help his campaign bring such a massive facility to the region in question. 

About Casinos Austria International 

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The Gambling giant was established in the year 1967. The company controls 8 shipboard casinos, 15 slot parlors and a wide range of lottery products in Argentina. Operating more than 750 gaming tables and 7,600 gambling machine. Also often regarded as one of the largest operator in the world.

However,  Akio Hayashi (Casino Austria International Japan’s Managing Director) emphasized at a Business-Connect Seminar that the company wasn’t looking to replicate the “gaudiness of Las Vegas or Macau” but that it wanted to build and create an “European-style IR”. As part of the presentation, Austrian Prime Minister Sebastian Kruz shared his view via a video recording about how great honor it would be to be a part of the Nagasaki’s IR.

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