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Slots come in three variances: low, medium, and high volatility slots. This guide will uncover the most popular and potentially life-changing high-volatility ones.

We will also explain why you should look for a high RTP (Return to Player) when choosing a high variance slot. We’ll share valuable strategies and insights to guide you in making the right choice when it comes to this type of slot.

Let’s dive in, and we’ll explain everything you need to know.

Icon What Does High Volatility Mean in Slot Games?

High volatility slots are like thrilling rollercoaster rides in online casinos. They’re the games that keep you on the edge of your seat, promising the potential for massive payouts, but they come with a unique set of characteristics.

Volatility describes the game’s risk factor. High volatility slots might have longer dry spells without significant wins, but they’re often substantial and worth the wait when the payouts do come.

These games are known for their massive jackpots and the potential for life-changing prizes.

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Icon What are the Best High Volatility Slots?

Join us as we explore the top high-volatility slots that will leave you eager to take on the risk for the chance at massive rewards.

Here is a list of some standout high-volatility slot machines that have been making waves lately:

#1. Rags To Witches - Rtp: 96.21%

#1. Rags to Witches – RTP: 96.21%

Rags to Witches by Betsoft is one of our favorite high-volatility slot games. It masterfully combines a spooky ambiance with top-notch graphics and an eerie soundtrack.

You’ll find yourself amidst bats, black cats, and witches as you play, genuinely capturing the whole Halloween spirit. The game offers a higher frequency, which is why we love it. On average, we saw a win roughly every 3-4 spins.

The game also offers features like Wild Symbols, Scatter Symbols, and Free Spins. But the most enticing element is the life-changing Progressive Jackpot, which can spring up when you least expect it.

And for those with a bit of patience, the Free Spins come with increasing multipliers, going up to a rewarding 30x.

  • Release Date: October 13, 2022
  • Reels & Rows: 5×3
  • Paylines: 30
  • Max Win: 3,355x your stake + progressive jackpot
  • Min/Max Bet: $0.3/$112.5
#2. Bamboo Rush - Rtp: 96.9%

#2. Bamboo Rush – RTP: 96.9%

Step into the serene world of Bamboo Rush by Betsoft, where lush bamboo forests and playful pandas await. This slot game boasts a traditional 5×4 reel layout and 40 paylines.

The symbols on the reels include the panda, lotus flowers, and various other traditional Chinese symbols, all beautifully designed to immerse you in the game’s theme.

The game offers a Free Spins feature triggered by the golden panda scatter symbols., and during these rounds, all winnings are subject to a 2x or 3x multiplier, providing the potential for big payouts.

The game’s Wild symbol, represented by the panda, can expand to cover entire reels, increasing your chances of hitting winning combinations. With a bit of luck, you might even fill the screen with pandas for an impressive win.

  • Release Date: September 10, 2019
  • Reels & Rows: 5×4
  • Paylines: 40
  • Max Win: 53208x your stake
  • Min/Max Bet: $0.1/$10
#3. 88 Frenzy Fortune - Rtp: 96%

#3. 88 Frenzy Fortune – RTP: 96%

88 Frenzy Fortune is different from your typical real money slot game. Imagine blending oriental charm with a dash of space arcade vibes – that’s what you get here.

The game layout offers three main reels and a special 4th bonus reel that’s a game-changer.

This bonus reel can surprise you with multipliers reaching up to x8, cash prizes that go up to 18x, or even kick off a Respins feature that can boost your multipliers up to x4 per respin.

So, with some luck and the right combo, you could look at wins up to a whopping 2,368x your bet.

  • Release Date: August 12, 2021
  • Reels & Rows: 3 regular reels + 1 bonus reel x 1
  • Paylines: 1
  • Max Win: 2,368x
  • Min/Max Bet: $0.06/$30
#4. Stampede - Rtp: 95.27%

#4. Stampede – RTP: 95.27%

Stampede is inspired by the viral game Buffalo Ascension. The jaw-dropping design makes you feel like you’re among elephants and cheetahs in an African savannah.

But it’s not just about aesthetics. Stampede offers an impressive 1,024 ways to win, providing ample opportunities for rewards. Its all-ways-pay mechanism ensures a multitude of winning combinations.

Additionally, features like Wild Symbols and Free Spins make the gameplay truly engaging and enjoyable.

  • Release Date: November 20, 2017
  • Reels & Rows: 5×4
  • Paylines: 1,024
  • Max Win: 53208x your stake
  • Min/Max Bet: $0.1/$10
#5. Sugar Rush - Rtp: 96.5%

#5. Sugar Rush – RTP: 96.5%

Sugar Rush by Pragmatic Play is a delightful slot that transports players to a candy-filled paradise. Everything in this game is edible, and the vibrant visuals will make your mouth water.

The game operates on a 7×7 grid, utilizing a cluster pays system. Winning clusters activate the tumble feature, where winning symbols vanish, allowing new ones to drop.

This can lead to consecutive wins and activate the Multiplier Spots feature. Multiplier spots can amplify your wins, with multipliers going up to a staggering 128x.

The game also boasts a Free Spins feature, which becomes even more exciting as multiplier spots don’t reset between spins. This means the potential for massive wins increases as you progress through your free spins.

For those eager to jump straight into the action, there’s a Bonus Buy feature, allowing players to activate the Free Spins feature directly.

  • Release Date: June 30, 2022
  • Reels & Rows: 7×7
  • Paylines: Clusters of 5 or more
  • Max Win: 5,000x
  • Min/Max Bet: $0.2/$100

Icon Tips to Play High Volatility Slot Machines


Money Management

You will want to bet strategically not to burn your entire bankroll right away. 

You don’t have to max-bet to win big on high-volatility slots. For example, if you have $100 to play for, spending somewhere in the range of $0.20 per spin is more than enough.


Understand the Game Dynamics

Familiarize yourself with the game’s paytable, special features, and bonus rounds. It makes it more engaging and fun when you know what you want the next reel to bring.


Stay Patient

The most volatile slots are a test of patience. Wins might be infrequent, but they are often worth the wait.


Leverage Bonuses

Most online casinos offer welcome bonuses that will double or even triple your first deposit.

Make sure to take advantage of these, as you get more money to play for, thus increasing your chances of winning.


Relax and Enjoy

It’s easy to get carried away with all the adrenaline flowing, but brew yourself a fresh cup of coffee, get some snacks, and just relax and enjoy your session.

Icon Pros and Cons of High Volatility Slots

Before you take a spin on the high-volatility slots, it’s essential to know what you’re getting into. These games offer the potential for big thrills and even bigger wins, but they come with challenges.

In this section, we’ll break down the advantages and disadvantages of high volatility slot games, providing a clear view of the risks and rewards you can expect.

Potential for significant payouts❌ Wins can be infrequent
Engaging gaming experience due to higher stakes❌ Might require a larger bankroll
Often feature intricate bonus rounds❌ Can test a player’s patience
Increased Long-Term Winning Potential
Potential for Life-Changing Jackpots

Icon What is the Relationship Between High Volatility Slots and RTP?

RTP, short for Return to Player, represents the percentage of money a slot game will pay back to its players over time.

While high-volatility slots can have an RTP comparable to low-volatility games, the pattern of payouts varies.

Even though big wins in high volatility slots tend to happen less frequently, a high RTP can help you be profitable in the long run.

High Volatility Icon 2

Icon Conclusion: Decoding the Allure of High-Volatility Slots

High Volatility Icon 3

In our journey through high-volatility slots, we’ve uncovered what makes these games so enticing.

These slots, characterized by their risk factor, promise substantial payouts that can be life-changing, even if they come around less frequently. The allure of potentially massive wins, often exceeding 5,000x of the initial bet, is undeniably captivating.

We also delved into the intricacies of RTP, highlighting that while high variance slots might have RTPs similar to their low-volatility counterparts, the pattern of payouts is distinct. Wins in high-volatility games might be rarer, but they pack a punch when they occur.

In essence, high volatility slots cater to those with a thirst for thrill, patience, and the dream of striking it big. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, the world of high-volatility slots offers an exhilarating gaming experience.

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