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The bonus round feature is the main thing that keeps us glued to slots. Nowadays, you don’t have to wait until you hit the bonus rounds; bonus buy slots let you purchase the bonus immediately. Sure, it can be more costly, but it’s a shortcut to hit a life-changing win.

Let’s dive into why bonus buys have become so popular and what you must consider before buying a bonus.

Icon For The Heading - What Exactly Are Bonus Buy Slots? What Exactly are Bonus Buy Slots?

When you buy the bonus, you’re bypassing the usual​ spins​ and​ directly​ accessing​ the​ most​ thrilling​ parts of​ a​ slot​ game – the bonus rounds.​​

For​ a​ set​ price,​ you​ can​ skip​ the​ base​ game​ and​ dive​ right​ into​ bonus​ rounds,​ multipliers,​ or​ free​ spins.​ And​ trust​ me,​ it’s​ every​ bit​ as​ exciting​ as​ it​ sounds.​

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Icon For The Heading - Top Bonus Buy Slots To Play Top Bonus Buy Slots to Play

With​ the​ thousands​ of​ options​,​ picking​ the​ best​ slot machine with this feature​ can​ be​​ overwhelming.​ But​ don’t​ worry!​ We’ve handpicked​ six​ of​ the​ most​ captivatingreal money slot​ games​ where you can buy a bonus:

#1. Alkemor'S Elements - Rtp: 95.45%

#1. Alkemor’s Elements – RTP: 95.45%

The Alkemor’s Elements slot features a Bonus Buy option, allowing players to purchase access to the game’s Free Spin feature directly.

For a cost of 56 times their stake, players will instantly receive 12 free spins, providing immediate opportunities for potential wins.

Positioned at the bottom-right with a cart logo, the feature caters to players seeking more control over their gaming experience or those finding it challenging to trigger the bonus feature through regular play.

The minimum bet-per-spin is $0.25, translating to $14 for 12 free spins. With elements like Fire, Water, Air, and Earth, each spin offers a chance to accumulate, acting as random multipliers for subsequent winnings.

Boasting five reels, an RTP of 95.45%, and developed by Betsoft Gaming, Alkemor’s Elements provides a dynamic slot experience. Playable with a minimum bet of $0.25 and a maximum of $200.00.

This slot is available at Wild Casino, offering a generous welcome bonus of up to $5,000.

#2. Carnaval Forever - Rtp: 96.22%

#2. Carnaval Forever – RTP: 96.22%

The Carnaval Forever slot offers a bonus buy option, allowing players to activate the free spins bonus with an additional wager directly.

This feature provides a shortcut to the free spins bonus round, offering an enhanced gaming experience with the potential to trigger 10 to 25 free spins.

While the Bonus Buy feature initially offers 10 free spins at a cost of 100 times the player’s stake, the excitement doesn’t end there.

As the free spin round progresses, players often win more bonus spins, potentially increasing the total to 20 bonus spins.

With five reels, an RTP of 96.22%, and Betsoft Gaming at the helm, Carnaval Forever accepts bets ranging from $0.10 to $10.00.

Players can enjoy this slot at SuperSlots, where a welcome bonus of up to $6,000 and free 100 spins await.

#3. Alien Fruits - Rtp: 96%

#3. Alien Fruits – RTP: 96%

The Alien Fruits slot also features a Bonus Buy option, which allows players to access the free spins feature at a cost of 100 times their stake.

Displayed on the button-left and automatically adjusted based on the player’s current stake, this option caters to those who prefer a more immediate way to trigger free spins without the wait.

For instance, if a player’s stake is $1 per spin, utilizing the Bonus Buy feature would cost them $100.

Upon purchase, players usually receive 10 free spins, with the potential for 20 if luck is on their side.

With six reels, an RTP of 96.00%, and developed by BGaming, Alien Fruits offers a chance to win multipliers in each spin, ranging from x2 to x15. The minimum bet of $0.20 and a maximum bet of $50.00.

Players can enjoy this slot at Ignition, accompanied by a bonus offer of 150% up to $3000.

#4. Faerie Spells - Rtp: 96.03%

#4. Faerie Spells – RTP: 96.03%

In Faerie Spells Slots, players can utilize the Buy Feature to purchase Free Spins. It offers a convenient alternative to waiting for bonus rounds during standard gameplay.

Priced at 86 times the player’s stake, users can pay $86 if their stake is $1 per spin to access 25 free spins instantly.

The game introduces an engaging element as players spin, providing opportunities to win potions named Riches, Wealth, Luxury, and Plenty.

These potions contribute to the Jackpot Trails, each represented by a unique bottle. Filling one of these bottles results in winning a jackpot, and the prizes vary based on the specific potion.

Faerie Spells, featuring five reels, an RTP of 96.03%, and developed by Betsoft Gaming, offers players a dynamic slot experience—a minimum bet of $0.1 and a maximum bet of $10.0.

Players can enjoy this slot at BetOnline with a generous bonus offer of 100% up to $3000.

#5. Captain'S Quest - Rtp: 96.28%

#5. Captain’s Quest – RTP: 96.28%

Players can leverage the Buy Feature to acquire 10 free spins in the Captain’s Quest Treasure Island Slot. This provides a valuable option for those seeking to boost their winning chances or enjoy bonus rounds without the wait.

The game introduces three purchasing options, allowing players to obtain 10 free spins by opting for 3 Wilds for 78.5x the bet, 4 Wilds for 138x the bet, or 5 Wilds for 255x the bet.

Each wild serves as a random win multiplier, and as the number of wilds increases, so do the potential multipliers, though at an increased cost.

Opting for 5 Wilds at 255x the bet ensures a prize of at least x100 of the bet before the 10 free spins commence.

Featuring five reels, an RTP of 96.28%, and developed by Betsoft Gaming, Captain’s Quest offers an immersive slot experience. The minimum bet is $0.1 and the maximum bet is $10.

Players can enjoy this slot at DuckyLuck, accompanied by a generous bonus offer of 500% up to $2,500 and 150 Free Spins.

Icon For The Heading - How To Buy Bonus On Slots? How to Buy Bonus on Slots?

Unlocking the excitement and rewards of bonus features in slot games has never been easier. Follow the simple steps below to enjoy an express pass to accessing bonuses in your favorite slot games.


Pick Your Game

Start​ by​ choosing​ a​ slot​ game​ that​ offers​ the​ bonus​ buy​ feature.​ You can select them form our recommended list above.


Spot the Bonus Buy Option

There’s​ usually​ a​ distinct​ button​ or​ option​ for​ bonus​ buy on the game’s interface.​ For example, in the slot game Le Bandit, you can find this option in the form of a button next to your balance.


Make your Choice

Once​ you​ click​ on​ it,​ you’ll​ see​ the​ cost​ and​ details​ of​ the​ bonus.​ Confirm​ your​ selection,​ and​ voila!​ You’re​ straight​ into​ the​ bonus​ round.​

For​ instance,​ in​ bonus buy games​ like​ “White​ Rabbit,”​ you​ can​ directly​ buy​ into​ the​ free​ spins​ feature.​

Icon For The Heading - Pros And Cons Of Bonus Buy Slots Pros and Cons of Bonus Buy Slots

Let’s weigh the advantages and disadvantages of Bonus Buy slots. By exploring the pros and cons, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of whether this feature aligns with your gaming style and preferences


  • Direct access to bonus features
  • Boosted chances of significant wins
  • Way more action-packed
  • More control over gaming experience
  • More exciting gameplay


  • Sometimes you will win less than the bonus buy costs
  • Can be a bit more addicting
  • Can lead to chasing losses

Icon For The Heading - Conclusion: Why Bonus Buys Are The Best Way To Play Slots Conclusion: Why Bonus Buys are The Best Way to Play Slots

Slots with bonus buys​ have​ indeed​ reshaped​ the​ online​ slot​ gaming​ landscape.​ They​ cater​ to​ the​ modern​ gamer’s​ desire​ for​ immediacy,​ offering​ a​ unique​ blend​ of​ thrill​ and​ control.​

But​ as​ with​ all​ things,​ moderation​ is​ key.​ Enjoy​ the​ ride,​ but​ always​ play​ responsibly.​ After​ all,​ it’s​ the​ journey​ that​ counts,​ not​ just​ the​ destination.​

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Icon For The Heading - Bonus Buy Slots Faq Bonus Buy Slots FAQ

What is a bonus buy?

A Bonus Buy is a​ feature found​ in​ some​ slots​ that allows​ players​ to​ purchase​ direct​ access​ to​ the​ game’s​ bonus​ round.​

How does bonus buy work?

Just click​ the designated​ bonus buy button​ and​ pay​ a​ specified​ amount​ to​ activate​ the​ bonus​ round instantly.​

How much does it cost to purchase a bonus?

Cost​ varies,​ often​ being​ a​ multiple​ of​ the​ player’s​ stake,​ like​ 50x​ or​ 100x​ the​ bet.​

Will bonus buy increase the RTP?

Not​ necessarily,​ but​ some​ games​ might​ have​ a​ slightly​ higher​ RTP​ with​ the​ bonus​ buy​ feature.​

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