Slot machines are a huge part of the gambling business as a whole, which is worth billions of dollars and attracts millions of players every year. Although some people play for fun, the vast majority are in it to win money. People are motivated to gamble on Vegas slot games by the possibility of winning a jackpot that might completely transform their lives. There are lots of stories of people who have won big by playing slots games with jackpots.

The vast majority of the time, gamblers are dependent entirely on their luck, and this is particularly true for slot machine players. It should come as no surprise that some customers do not have the endurance for it. That is exactly where cheat codes for slot machines come in.

Some individuals chose to skip the waiting game and get straight to the jackpot. As a result, they have devised slot machine hacks so that money may be extracted from them with a single spin of the reels. A simple search for “slot machine tricks” or “how to cheat on slot machines” reveals that there have been a wide variety of approaches. These range from the very sophisticated to the laughably simplistic.

So, here are a few of the hacks or cheats that you have heard about or will hear about if you are a slots player:

Cheat Codes

To attempt to utilize any cheat codes for slot machines, you will need to have a thorough understanding of how slot machines work at a technical level. This method’s drawback is that, even if you have access to the cheat codes or codes used for testing during maintenance, you would encounter some difficulties utilizing them.

The reason for this is that the order in which every action, is constantly being rearranged. This is true regardless of who is responsible for triggering the reel-spinning action. In principle, it should not be feasible to use cheat codes in a game. However, if someone understands the slot machine’s cheat codes, they may use them to their advantage and win as much money as possible. This has been done before.

Something similar has occurred previously. A dedicated slot enthusiast figured out how to trick slot machines using these codes and won lots of money before eventually getting caught. Casino owners and software designers are always striving toward the goal of making their slot machines impervious to these kinds of attacks. They have had a great deal of success, but there is always the possibility that maintenance codes may be shared without permission or exploited by dishonest people.

Shaved Coins and Fake Coins

To cheat slot machines, con artists have resorted to a variety of ruses, some of which have included using shaved coins and counterfeit ones. There is a remote possibility that this will work in modern times as well, although it was only ever possible in previous slot machines. The number of casinos still using pre-2000 gaming equipment is rapidly diminishing as more modern options become available to them.

So how exactly does one use shaved coins? To track wagers and collect winnings, slot machines adopted the use of a light sensor. For the most part, the optical sensor functioned independently of the actual comparator. Therefore, if a shaved coin and an item with an equal form and size were both entered into the machine at the same moment, the shaved coin would be returned while the other thing would remain within the machine and begin the game.

Coin weights were also formerly employed as a betting mechanism in slot machines. However, some gamers were making use of counterfeit coins that looked and felt identical to their genuine counterparts. Some were successful in evading detection by the systems while others were not. Over time, counterfeiting false coins became difficult due to technological advancements. Today, it is almost impossible to find any land-based slot machine that will take anything other than actual coins.

So, if you have been thinking about how to cheat a slot machine using the coin hack you might want to try something else. Perhaps you could try one of the other more bizarre slot machine hacks that involve coins.

The “Coin on as String” hack, sometimes known as a yo-yo cheat is one such hack. The coin was strung up on a piece of thread. The cheat would drop a coin into the slot, trigger the mechanism, and then use the string to retrieve the coin. They would then keep using it and winning from it.

Software Glitches

Occasionally, a casino’s software can malfunction, preventing it from paying out a prize. That’s why some tech-savvy people got ideas from bugs in the program and started exploiting them. To win the jackpot, players must adopt certain betting patterns designed to mislead the computer. These hacks will, of course, mostly work for online slots better than they would in a land-based casino.

As it turns out, this trick has been used quite a bit. Because many dishonest people have used it to steal money throughout the years, some legitimate jackpot winners may have had their claims rejected. It is of course very rare as such sophisticated slot machine hacks take a tremendous amount of effort, resources, and skill to pull off successfully.

In the past, individuals tried to deceive slot machines in a variety of different ways, including replacing the computer chips within the machines. This may be thought of as a more sophisticated take on the software glitch hack. Because casinos do not allow any kind of interference with their slot machines, it is obvious that this con job is impossible to carry off in today’s world.

Light Wand Cheat

A common entry point for hackers is via slot machines’ light sensors. In this instance, a device referred to as a light wand must be positioned such that it is put into the coin slot of the cabinet, which is where the light sensor is located. After then, the device will begin to flash a succession of lights at the sensor to throw it off.

That way, you may “trick” the sensor into thinking you have put hundreds of pennies when in reality you just deposited a single penny. The light wand is tiny, easily transportable, and invisible once inserted into the slot which is what makes it such an effective tool for cheaters. Intriguingly, this method is still viable since light sensors are not protected against it in many casinos.


It is impossible to deceive current slot machines using a magnet, therefore this strategy is plain ridiculous. This is because they are all computer-programmed and not magnetic. When the machines were built of metal, cheating was easier; all you needed was a powerful magnet.

Using the magnet placed on the exterior of a slot machine, players could halt the reels mid-spin to claim a winning combination. After that, dishonest people would take the magnet out of the machine and then claim compensation. Cheaters had a good chance of winning a significant amount of money if they played the game correctly, even though it was not the most deceptive scam ever devised.

Hacks for Mechanical Reels

These days, even slot machines at brick-and-mortar casinos are almost entirely digital and have just a handful of moving components at most. As far as cheat codes for slot machines go, these movable components are pretty much worthless. On the other hand, if you happen to stumble across older slot machines that had mechanical reels, there were specific brute-force hacks that worked on such machines.

Piano wire. – A group of cheats managed to unlock a slot machine, connect piano wires, and jam the internal clock that recorded player spins. They were able to use this development as a springboard to influence subsequent spins.

Top-Bottom joint. – There is nothing else quite like this two-piece contraption. A metal rod protrudes from the top, while a lengthy wire hangs down from the base. Unlike the metal rod, which was used to insert coins into the slot machine, the long wire was used to retrieve coins from the machine. This eventually clogs the machine this way, causing it to release all of the coins that were inside.

Monkey paw. – Before the invention of video slots, this was the most basic form of the top-bottom joint. A monkey paw is just a length of guitar string wrapped around a thin metal bar. A coin chute release switch may be triggered by a monkey paw if the location of the chute is known.

Do Slots Machine Tricks and Cheats Work Today?

Many alternatives exist to the procedures described here. Although slot machines could be manipulated before the advent of modern technology, the latter has given some players the false sense that they have an advantage. The truth is that this may not be accurate. Despite their shortcomings, today’s slot machines represent a significant technological advancement over their predecessors.

They have top-notch safety measures, and the RNGs’ creators are always coming up with new methods to improve their dependability. Also, new technologies like the blockchain and smart contracts have become increasingly popular. These features make today’s slot machines very difficult to hack. The door is always open for you to give it a go.

Is It Legal to “Trick” Slots Machines?

It’s possible that the phrases “hacking” and “cheat codes for slot machines” come off as a little bit crude. People who are contemplating such ideas typically attempt to label them as trickery. But, are such methods allowed by law?

Searches like “How to cheat a slot machine?” and “How to trick slot machines” make up the bulk of the traffic related to slot machines. No matter how tempting it may be to try to find any unofficial slot machine hacks or another way around the regulations of various online casinos and mobile applications, we strongly advise against them.

There is a lot of money to be made in slot gambling if you put in the time and effort to learn the ropes and sharpen your game. Certain techniques or strategies can be so effective that they seem like cheating. It takes practice and skill to master and execute them.


Slot machine cheating is not something that would be attempted by logical individuals. It stands to reason to play in the same spirit as the other players and enjoy yourself. In addition, given that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to deceive slot machines found in land-based casinos, the amount of work that must be put in is enormous.

Even if there is a remote possibility that you would be successful, you still run the risk of being arrested and receiving a sentence that might land you in jail. Nonetheless, this may be worth your time if you are curious about the many methods people have used to try to beat slot machines in the past.

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