Fruit Machine Slots

You are highly likely to come across a fruit machine every time you visit a service station, arcade or café near you. While the popularity of these machines has diminished over the years, a good number of players still enjoy fruit machine slots both online and in land-based casinos.

Fruit machines were first launched in the 60s. Popular gaming providers such as Barcrest and Aristocrat were among the first game providers in this field.

While gaming laws have changed over the years, fruit machines gameplay is still the same.  Basically, fruit machines have 3 reels and come with a one payline (but modern fruit machines now incorporate up to 6 paylines). Players operate these mechanical slots using buttons.

Today, technology has brought so much change in fruit machines. Gaming providers have introduced a great deal of features including bonus rounds where punters are given more opportunities to win big.

Gaming Laws

In the 60s, the gaming activities of fruit machines were governed by the 1968 Gaming Act. Today, depending on the government in power, there are a whole bunch of laws governing slot machines.

We have to say that present gaming laws have considerably impacted payouts and jackpots in fruit machines.

Gaming laws classify fruit machines in 4 main categories namely B1, B2, B3, and C. Fruit machines in arcades, cafes and service stations fall under category C. These machines have the least maximum stake, which is £1 per spin.

Machines in members’ clubs fall under the B3 and B4 category. Their maximum stakes is £2 per spin.

The 2005 Gambling Act permits pubs to run not more than 2 fruit machines. Pubs looking to operate more fruit machines are required to apply for special licenses.

Fruit Machine Features

At a glance, fruit machine games look very similar to classic slots. But on deeper examination you’ll discover that these games have more user interaction compared to classic slots. This is mainly due to the wider range of gambling features that come with classic slots.

There are two main buttons in fruit machines namely Hold and Nudge. The Hold button, as the name suggests, is for holding reels and the Nudge button is used to lock reels in place.

Unlike video slots, fruit machines have low payout percentages. Recent gaming laws impose about 70% payouts limit on fruities and about 98% on online slots.

Fruit Machines vs. Online Video Slots: Main Differences

As earlier mentioned, there are still lots of players out there who prefer fruit machines over online video slots. But, how exactly do online video slots differ from fruit machines?

  • Higher RTPs
    Online video slots are by far better than fruit machines when it comes to Return to Player percentages (RTPs)
  • More Paylines
    Unlike fruit machines, online video slots come with more reels and paylines thanks to their modern technology. Players are treated to up to 1000 paylines plus lots of free spins, unique features, and lots of cash wins.
  • Bigger Jackpots
    Because online video slots allow players to stake high, there are lots of progressive jackpots where lucky winners get to take home large amounts of money.


Traditional fruit machines are still available in this time and age. You’ll come across them in cafes, arcades or in service stations. Modern-day fruit machines incorporate a whole lot of exciting features to give players exciting playing experience.