Synergy Blue

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About Synergy Blue

It is hard to find diversity in the online casino world. Most of these sites are loaded with traditional slots and table games. Synergy Blue brings a breath of fresh air into this monotonous world. This brand has dedicated itself to creating adventurous skill-based games. Their library consists of arcade variations which can easily appeal to the younger casino players.

Their motto is creating fun you can bet on. Even the core team members of Synergy Blue believe in having fun while working. Since the culture of this company centres around gaming, its products also show great potential. They have built most of their games by themselves. Also, they have collaborated with other game manufacturers on interesting projects.

An intriguing storyline is the basis of their skill-based games. Synergy Blue also focuses on vibrant and refreshing designs for memorable user experiences. Get to know more about their creations and specialties below.

What is Special About Synergy Blue?

Synergy Blue stands out in the crowd for many reasons. Even though there are many other casino software providers, this brand has established its unique identity. The main reasons behind their unique branding include:

  • Arcade Style Gaming
    Synergy Blue specializes in creating skill-based arcade-style games. The current online casino market is loaded with video slots and traditional table games. That is why Synergy Blue took a different path. It provides more diversity in the gaming area with its arcade creations. This appeals easily to the younger generation who find the common casino games boring.
  • HAWG Solution
    HAWG stands for Hybrid Arcade Wager-based Gaming. This solution is the secret behind Synergy Blue’s success. It has combined the gratification of usual gambling games with the continuous entertainment of arcade play. These two aspects generate a magical experience for the player in each game. The typical hardware input devices make this experience more familiar and exciting at the same time.
  • Radiant Design
    All the games created by Synergy Blue portray attractive radiant designs. They mix bright colours with well-defined structures. The resulting colour palette looks enticing for the players.

Top 3 Synergy Blue Games

  • Zombies:
    Zombies is among the first few games Synergy Blue released online. Since then, it has always been among the bestsellers. It is an arcade gun game where you will get to shoot the monsters. Your city will be surrounded and crawling with zombies. You must find out the root cause of this zombie infestation through your adventures. The game has many levels for you to climb up. Each level brings a new set of twists and challenges. As a result, you hardly ever get bored. Along with several rewards and health packs, you will also explore a love story!
  • Safari Match:
    This touchscreen game is actually a combination of three separate games. Together, they help you ride through the savannah. You will get to view the beautiful creations of nature here. Take a refreshing bath under the sparkling waterfalls. Have some quality time with the adorable animals here. They will also give you company throughout the game. You can earn points on Safari Match by aligning three or more animals of the same species. Such matching will also reward you with bonus winning chances.
  • Erickson’s Golden Quest:
    As you can guess from the name, this is an adventure game. The main explorer here is Erickson Buick. He takes you on different exciting journeys throughout the jungle. Together you two discover hidden treasures and more. For the quest to truly begin, you must first reach the Golden Temple. That is where the main treasure chest lies. This arcade game will put your luck in the test. On a good day, you can earn big amounts from it. Otherwise, you may have to dig a little deeper to find the precious chest. Let Erickson help you get richer!

Synergy Blue Overview

We think Synergy Blue is definitely here to stay. Its unique games combining the fun of arcade games and the profitability of wagers are perfect for new generation players. Check out their game collection right now from any new authorized licensed casino nearby.