Rabcat is an Austria-based casino game developer that produces some excellent quality products for its large number of fans. The company that has been active in the arena since 2001, boasts of having a long history in the industry.


Number of Games: 7

About Rabcat

The positive effect of such a long career is seen in their extensive portfolio, especially in the recent additions. Fans of this highly innovative game developer can enjoy the 3D graphics, excellent gameplay, entertaining themes and rewarding features in Rabcat slots.

The company that is gradually expanding its business over the native regions, has a wide range of slot machines. From cute looking slots to horror-themed games, the developer has something for every kind of gambler. Due to the modern outlook of these games, Rabcat slots are loved by gamblers who are into the ‘premium’ quality slots.

Rabcat is great in terms of creating partnerships as well. Many leading game developers have already shown interest in working with this manufacturer. Platforms like Quickfire and Obodo have further helped Rabcat in portraying their games in the international markets.

Best Features of Rabcat Slots

The most notable feature of Rabat slots is the 3D graphics and the catchy storyline. Another interesting characteristic of these slots is that they offer various in-game elements that keep the spinners entertained throughout the session. In Rabcat slots, symbols often change shape, move and dance or create funny gestures depending on the theme of the slot. This is why many Rabcat fans love playing these games for the refreshment they offer.

Games from Rabcat are now available in the instant play format. Players do not need to download any of their slots as they enjoy these in desktop or mobile devices. The advanced user interface allows the games to work seamlessly on any platform. All one needs to do is to check in a safe and licensed Rabcat powered casino and enjoy the games anytime.

Top 3 Rabcat Slots for the New Fans

Although amazing in every aspect, Rabcat slots are still not that hyped up in the UK based casinos. However, many gambling experts are gradually noticing the prominent qualities of these games and turning towards these innovative games.

For the new gamblers who are still not familiar with the products from this developer, here are some of our best picks from Rabcat:

  • Scary Friends:
    This is a very good option for the new fans who want to check out the innovative section of the developer. Loosely based on the monster characters in the popular movie, Monsters Inc., this game features some animated furry symbols who appear cute rather than being scary as the title suggests. The game has a humorous touch to it while keeping the gameplay entertaining with the help of bonus rounds.
  • Castle Builder:
    This is one of the most unique designs from this developer. There is a game within a game technique incorporated in this game. Players can actually act as a castle builder and build up to 3 castles while they continue to spin the reels. One can gradually progress and become a king from a pauper. While this highly entertaining game may not be everyone’s cup of tea, this is a great game to understand the modern visions of Rabcat.
  • Forsaken Kingdom:
    Here is another amazing game from Rabcat that depicts a rather serious theme set in a dark atmosphere. With King Arthur as the leader, the players will be able to travel through the devastated landscape and win exciting prizes for the good combinations.In addition to some progressive elements, the game offers an engaging gameplay with all the big rewards. The captivating storyline is also another reason why this is a must try slot for the new fans.

Rabcat Software Overview

Rabcat is currently one of the most prolific game developers that is way ahead of the time in terms of designing slots. The sleek and elegant designs in their games are totally worth the attention.

Rabcat slots are indeed the future versions of real money casino slots which are packed with modern elements. In these games, players can take part in lots of thematic activities than simply spinning the reels. This is why this is a highly recommended game developer for those who have not checked them out yet.

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