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About Kortek

Kortek is a Korea based manufacturer company that specializes in designing top-notch display screens. Claiming themselves as the global leader in industrial displays, the company continues to impress the world with their high-tech innovations.

Though they are successful in a wide range of display productions and sales, recently they are drawing more attention towards their casino displays. They also provide Custom LCD and Touch solutions at the gambling establishments which are now helping them to earn major recognition from different parts of the world.

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The company was formed on March 6, 1987, by its founder Young Dal Kim. Since then Kortek Corporation has gradually expanded their business and grown bigger in name and fame. They consist of 400+ employees who continue to come up with the most advanced Kortek casino displays. Although there are not any Kortek slots as of now, fans of this developer may enjoy a realistic gambling experience from their well-built displays.

Kortek initially started working in the Korean entertainment industry. Due to their excellent services and positive feedbacks from the customers, more casinos are welcoming Kortek products in their game rooms. As they have long surpassed their national border, fans may expect to see their displays in a Vegas or a UK based casino.

What to Expect from Kortek Game Displays

As the company designs casino displays, players can take advantage of these equipments to enjoy games from casino software providers. Here are some of the displays that players may find in a Kortek casino:

  • Standard Displays:
    For the old-school gamblers who prefer a simple gaming session, Kortek has launched some classic displays. These are considered as standard displays for gambling because they are open frame monitors. These may look like regular displays but they excel in terms of features.

The standard displays from Kortek are perfect for any environment. They are also customizable. Clients can easily install them according to different sizes, spaces etc.

  • Curved Displays:
    Those who prefer playing on big screens with the maximum 3D effects in the slots, may go for Kortek’s curved displays instead. The company lets the clients create unique types of slot machines incorporating these displays. There are both LCD and OLED displays, so, the clients have more than one option to go for.
  • Square LCD Display:
    In the square LCD display, players will be able to enjoy a bright and vibrant game in its circular shape. It is customizable as well. Depending on their preferences and requirements, the players can easily navigate through this machine.
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