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About DigiBingo

DigiBingo is one of the leading bingo game developers that offers comprehensive management tools in the respective area. They are widely known for their high standard bingo games which can be played for free or for real money. Their games are also recognized for their innovative outlook and multi-platform compatibility.

Based on Alberta, the company has a long history to boast of. They started their journey in 1999 as a part of the eQube Gaming Enterprise which developed bingo games only. Since then they have provided the gambling industry with some stunning quality bingo games.

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With the advance of technology and the intensity of competition, the company upgraded their products and filled them with more exciting features.

Currently, their games are of the best quality bingo machines with attractive designs and professional quality audio systems. Their products are also available for a large range of customers who can enjoy these games at both online and land-based casinos.

For slot lovers, the company has yet to offer DigiBingo slots as they focus on bingo games mostly. Players who have not tried out any bingo game yet may use this opportunity to check out some of their games. As these can be played anytime and anywhere, this is indeed a gateway to some short and thrilling sessions.

What to Expect from DigiBingo Games

Bingo games are great for fun and entertaining sessions as they are easier to play and faster to complete. These are affordable as well and often rewards some big wins from a very small stake. DigiBingo understands exactly what the customers seek in these games and delivers such qualities. They offer home games, commercial venues, bingo lite, stand-alone bingo games and a lot more.

Just as the company claims on their website, they provide their clients with unique and exciting bingo experience for all their players. Appearing in a huge or a tiny screen, these games offer both live and downloadable formats. Depending on the mode and setting, players can go for either of these options.

With the help of their gaming solutions, both online and land-based casinos can be benefitted. Players who love bingo sessions among friends and family get-togethers can buy their small gaming machines and experience the thrill anytime.

Best Features of DigiBingo Games

While there are some casinos that offer slots only, the majority of the online casinos feature a diverse range. Among these game varieties, bingo games are the must-have ones. The reason that these games are so popular is that these can be played simply as a fun-filled session or for winning some extra cash. Many gamblers prefer these games for their dazzling displays and upbeat soundtracks.

Games from DigiBingo offers all of the features that a die-hard bingo fan may look for. This amazing bingo system has top-notch management options, easy set-ups, professional quality display board, customizable POS, ‘for profit’ report systems and a lot more.

DigiBingo in Online Casinos

As expected from a developer like DigiBingo, their products are available in numerous online casinos. Fans of bingo games may have already noticed their products in many high rated online gambling sites. These games are such casino-hits due to their availability in multiple formats: free and real money.

For the players who are into mobile gambling, these games are simply the best as they are compatible with multiple platforms. Gamblers can choose to enjoy these games on their mobiles, tablets, desktops and even go for ‘broadcast’ on TVs. Thanks to the company’s smooth user interface, players can try these on touchscreens or other similar mobile devices.

Overview of DigiBingo

Considering all the achievements of the developer, it is quite evident that they are not only one of the pioneers but also one of the best bingo games providers. The only constructive comment that we have on their portfolio is the lack of DigiBingo slots.

However, the inclusion of these games may not be far ahead as the parent company continues to expand its services. Till then, this popular developer remains restricted to the bingo fans’ territory.