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About Cristaltec

From the heart of Italy, comes this popular casino games manufacturer who are gradually taking over the world. The company was born in 2004 in Rome and since then they have been delivering some top quality gaming cabinets. Cristaltec successful career reached its peak in 2008 when they earned the top position in the Italian AWP market. Recently the brand is showing keen interest in online gambling and producing some high-end slot machines with their own game server infrastructure.

Cristaltec Spa, shortly knows as Cristaltec, is now widely recognized for their B1/B2 games, gaming solutions and especially the slot machines. Cristaltec slots are highly interactive with nice designs and high payout percentages. They have more than 60 games which are safe and certified. Players can enjoy all these games at the land based casinos or at the comfort of their homes.

The company values their customers over anything and remains active in multiple social media platforms to hear what they have to say. In addition to a 24/7 active customer service at the website, Cristaltec offers support via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. Anyone can always expect help and suggestion from this friendly and helpful game developer.

What to Expect from Cristaltec Slots: Features & Characteristics

Cristatec slots are versatile. They come in a wide variety of themes and layouts. The most common themes are related to the Western ones. Players may notice Asian and Eastern inspired games as well. Some of their most popular games are based on different mythologies or classic novels.

Most Cristaltec slots are still not available for online gambling. If the players feel like trying their games, they may go for the more recent ones instead. These games are not only available for playing online but also smooth on any platform.

Popular Slots from Cristaltec

All Cristaltec slots are worth trying as each of them offers something unique and captivating. The developer promises to provide the ultimate online gambling experience and it can surely be seen from their online slots. For those who want to check out games from this manufacturer, here are some of our favourites:

  • Malice: Based on the popular franchise “Alice in Wonderland”, this game features Alice, the Red Queen and some other characters from the novel. This slot features a 5 reel layout and an action-filled gameplay. The game bears a HD cartoonish effect that appears sharp-edged and cinematic. Once all the bonus features are lined up, players may win quite big from this game.
  • Odin: Based on Norse mythology, the game presents the developer’s portrayal of the immortal Nordic God, Odin. This is also one of the best designed game from Cristaltec as it appears smooth and detailed on the screen. Playable on multiple devices, this game offers a wide betting range as well. It is playable from £1.00 to £100.00 per spin which makes it a perfect game for both casual and professional gamblers.

The players who want to try out a bit more Spanish themed games can check out La Messicana. Adorned with colourful masks, shiny symbols, this is a great slot for festival lovers.

Another new slot that needs attention is Ork. This game has a 3D realistic character drawing that is undoubtedly one of the best works from this developer. Players who love adventure themed games will adore this slot as it allows mysterious journeys deep in the jungle in search of orcs.

Cristaltec in Online Casinos

Though the company is at the top of the leader board in their native region, Cristaltec slots still have a long way to go in terms of international gambling. The brand has only started to promote their products in a wider market base. As an outcome, their games are not yet common in online casinos. Players may be lucky to find a few in some UK based online casinos. If not, they may not need to wait long as Cristaltec is taking the world by storm and is planning to be at everyone’s favourite game developer.