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About Alfastreet

Alfastreet is a Slovenia based electronic gaming instrument developer. The company designs high-quality casino games for both online and land-based clients. Their wide range of offerings includes popular variations of table games, Blackjack, roulettes, SicBo, Craps etc. Currently, the developer is drawing major recognition from the gambling critics for their best quality slot machines.

The company has a wide recognition for its superb quality electronic game machines. Players can try out single player or multi-player slots. An additional benefit of playing in these slot machines comes from its ‘Multigame’ feature. It allows the player to open up more than one game on the screen and enjoy them at the same time.

The secret to Alfastreet’s success comes from the manufacturer’s smooth understanding of the market. Their products are the outcomes of their research on the clients’ needs. They maintain a standard quality in all their products while gradually adding up more features for ensuring better gaming sessions.

Fans of this developer may notice a similar pattern in their slots. These usually come with a very good visual with upbeat soundtracks. Players find themselves engaged in the games for a long time due to the captivating storyline. The cutting edge technology incorporated in their games is another reason why they are one of the leading casino vendors at the time.

Alfastreet Offerings for Slot Lovers: Designs and Feature

The casino staples provider constantly upgrades their services and increases the ease of playing in a favourite slot machine. Players can not only enjoy the best virtual gaming experience in their stunningly built slot cabinets but also lose themselves in the world of diverse looking slots.

Here are some of the best aspects that come with Alfastreet slots:

  • Simultaneous Play:
    This is a gaming solution from the developer that allows the players to play up to 4 different games at once. Though this may seem stressful to some players, it opens up more opportunities to enjoy sessions with similar-minded friends. Once this multigame option is enabled, players can go for slots, roulettes, craps, pokers and lots of other variations on a single screen.
  • Modern and Stylish Outlook:
    Alfastreet offers some of the best slot cabinets to try out their slots and electronic games. These luxurious and colourful cabinets present a realistic and luxurious feel to any game out there. Once someone starts playing Alfastreet slots from these cabinets, he will instantly be drawn towards the exceptional experience it provides.

Types of Slot Machines from Alfastreet

Compared to many other developers, Alfastreet has a rather unique collection of games. While the company manufactures slot cabinets mostly, they do have a few slots for their ever-growing fan base. Here are some of the types of Alfastreet slots that new players may come across:

  • One Reel Slot:
    This offers the most basic gameplay with a single reel and a limited number of paylines. Instead of reel layouts set on the background, it takes place on a small backyard full of trees. The symbols are represented as different types of fruits. It is easy to play and a good choice for the beginners. According to the developer itself, this is a must try slot for Alfastreet terminals.
  • Fish Hunter:
    Set in the underwater world, this game comes with the beautiful presentation of sea creatures. The aim of this game is to hunt down the fishes, just as the title suggests. Regardless of loving fishing in real life or not, this game may seem exciting and attractive to many players. It comes with a stunning visual and a bounty of catches which is great for the players who do not like waiting patiently for real fishes.

Alfastreet Online System

The online management system of this company mostly supervises the games and makes sure these are safe and secure. They take care of the multi-language, card system, player tracking, voucher generation, credit, payout, statistics and many other similar activities regarding the slots. Their keen observation of the entire gaming system allows the players to sit back comfortably and enjoy the games.