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Blackjack surrender comprises two types: early and late. And if you want to profit from the surrender rule, it is essential to have a firm grasp of the distinctions between these two. The remainder of this piece will take you step-by-step through the surrender strategy in blackjack. You will learn how to surrender, when to surrender, and much more!

According to many blackjack players, the surrender rule is an aspect of the game that needs the most clarification. If you don’t think you can win the hand, it’s best to fold while you’re ahead. It is of utmost importance to master the surrender rules in blackjack, as it can help you play more strategically. 

When the dealer enables the player to fold before drawing cards, this is known as a “surrender.” When you surrender a hand, you give up half of your bet and the opportunity to play. The logic behind this rule is that if you have less than a one-in-four probability of winning with your current hand, surrendering will save your bankroll in the long term.

Early Surrender

You can surrender in blackjack early whenever the dealer’s upcard is an ace or a 10-point card, and they have not yet checked for blackjack. Early surrender is believed to be beneficial to players and is often offered at casinos in Europe and Asia.

Nonetheless, it is essential to be aware of applicable table variations. For instance, most casinos in Macau do not permit early surrenders if the dealer displays an ace in their hole card position.

The following are some situations in which you might consider using your right to an early surrender:

  1. If the dealer holds an ace and you have a firm 5, 6, or 7.
  2. If the dealer has an ace and you have a hard 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, or 17.
  3. If the dealer holds an ace and you have a pair of 3, 6, 7, or 8s.
  4. If the dealer has 10 and you have a hard 14, 15, or 16.
  5. If the dealer has 10 and you have a pair of 7s or 8s.

If the early surrender is an option, you should continue with business as usual in every other circumstance. You should let the dealer check to see whether they have blackjack, and if they don’t, you should play according to the best strategy for blackjack.

In Summary

  • When up against the dealer’s ace, it’s best to fold a hard 5-7 and a 12-17.
  • When you have a hard 14-16, and the dealer shows a 10-point card, you should surrender.
  • When playing against the dealer’s ace, you should give up the pair cards 33, 66, 77, and 88.

Late Surrender in blackjack

A late surrender permits the player to forfeit half of their bet when the dealer checks for blackjack and does not have one. If the dealer holds blackjack, it is not possible to surrender. Late surrender reduces the house advantage, but not as drastically as early surrender; hence, late surrender is more prevalent.

Occasionally, if late surrender is your only choice, you should surrender if you hold 14, 15, 16, or 17 to start. When to surrender in blackjack depends on the version of the game you are playing. Here are some possible scenarios:

  • If You are Dealt a 14

In single-deck blackjack, surrender when the dealer has a 10 card. In single-deck blackjack, 7+7 versus an ace must be surrendered (if the dealer hits soft 17).

  • Upon Being Dealt 15

In blackjack played with a single or double deck, surrender 9+6 and 10+5 against the dealer’s ace (if the dealer hits soft 17). In all blackjack variations, 9+6 and 10+5 should be surrendered against the dealer’s 10. In blackjack with four to eight decks, surrender any 15 to the dealer’s 10 and ace if the dealer reaches soft 17.

  • If You are Dealt 16

A player must surrender to the dealer’s ace or ten in single-deck blackjack when dealt 16. This is also the case in double-deck blackjack. Surrender to any 9, 10, or ace in games with more than four decks. 8+8 must be surrendered to the dealer’s ace in all blackjack games where double after split is not permitted.

  • If You are Dealt a 17

In single-deck blackjack, it is pertinent to surrender 10+7 to the dealer’s ace (provided that the dealer hits soft 17). Surrender in all blackjack games if the dealer shows an ace and hits on soft 17

In Summary

  • Surrender any 17 against the dealer’s ace unless the dealer’s 17 is soft.
  • Any 15 against the dealer’s ace must be surrendered unless the dealer has a soft 17 or higher.
  • Any 16 should be surrendered against the dealer’s ace or 10-point card.

When To Refuse a Late Surrender

  • If you have a total of 15 or 17, and the dealer has a 9, 10, or Ace up, you should NOT accept a late surrender. You’ll need to commit this rule to memory at first before it makes any sense at the table.
  • If just one deck is used for the game, you should not surrender to the dealer’s 10 if you have precisely 10+4 of 5+9 in your hand.
  • If you have 16 or more and the dealer displays a 9, you should NOT accept a late surrender. The arithmetic here is elementary. If you take a hit, the dealer will beat your point total more often than not.

Instances Where You Should Not Surrender in blackjack

These are the instances not to surrender:

1. For Single Deck Blackjack

You get a 10 and a 6, and the dealer has a 10. You’ve been given an A and a 5, and the dealer has a 10. Do not surrender since you already have a soft 16.

2. For Two-Deck Blackjack

If you are dealt a 10 and a 5, and the dealer has a 10 and must stand on a soft 17, you should surrender. You have an A and a 4, and the dealer has a 10. The dealer must stand on soft 17, hence, do not surrender because you’ve got a soft 15.

3. For Multi-Deck Blackjack

You have a 10 and a 6, and the dealer has a 9. It would be best if you gave up. You get an A and a 5, but the dealer has a 9. Don’t give up, as you now wield a soft 16.

Surrendering Rules in Blackjack 

When it comes to giving up a hand in blackjack, there are no complicated rules. Follow these regulations.

  • If you want to surrender, bear in mind that you can only do so before any more cards are drawn.
  • You can’t surrender if you choose to do something else, like hit or split.
  • You can’t surrender if the dealer has blackjack and shows an ace.

Why You Should Surrender 

The principal reason for surrendering in blackjack is that in the scenarios described above, your hand has less than a 25% chance of beating the dealer, regardless of how you play it.

That means that whether you stand, draw, or do anything else, you will be losing money on your hand. That’s how the cards were dealt, and surrendering means you can save some money instead of losing all.

The Bottom Line

The surrender blackjack function allows you to play more cautiously and follow the technique of just playing with a strong hand, so you should play with a bonus and double the possibilities of your stake to win in perspective.

When the hand is poor, gamblers may fold and get half of their money back. It would help if you used the surrender rule per your chosen strategy and the cards you and the dealer possess.

Icon Surrender in Blackjack FAQs

What is surrender in blackjack?

Surrender is an option for players to examine the cards, give up when they are terrible, and risk losing just half of their stake rather than the whole amount. It is more advantageous to fold a poor hand than to play it and lose the bet.

Is it okay to surrender in blackjack?

Yes. When the odds are clearly not in your favor, the best thing to do is to surrender your blackjack hand

When should I surrender?

In blackjack, there are a few times when you should surrender. These include when most of the time, your hand is 14, 15, 16, or 17, and the dealer has a 10 or an ace

How do I surrender in blackjack?

If you want to surrender your hand while playing blackjack online, you must click the “surrender” button. Playing in a casino, you can make a little line with your fingers behind your cards. It would be great if you never touched the casino chips, though. Even better, say that you want to give up your hand, so there is no doubt about what you want to do.

Is surrendering profitable?

In blackjack, every hand that you give up is a loser. Because of this, you can’t win any money with them at all. But the half-bet you lose when you surrender is less than what you would lose if you played the hand. This means that you save money in the long run when you surrender.

What are the types of blackjack surrender?

This option comes in two varieties: early surrender and late surrender. However, most land-based and online blackjack games provide the second choice since the first significantly reduces the house advantage.

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