Video Slots

To get the best video slots online is quite a task and that explains why we have a section explaining how to pick a top online slot when presented with several slots. We ask you to know more about a particular game before playing so that you only use real money when confident of winning.

Video slots are played at your own comfortable pace, and they need no special skills to operate. They have been on the casino space for more than a century. They have been available as video slot machine games to what we have today as high-tech video slots. New developers come up with innovative ideas enhanced by the fact that it now easy to access the internet and the accessibility of online games at home.

The action is visible on a video screen displaying the reels and paylines. The buttons on the screen guide the betting action; some prefer to use the touchscreen as well. The processing speed enables the video slots to have multiple paylines, changeable stakes, and bonus features for the player to enjoy more varieties on the choice of slots when gambling.

The most popular video slot has a basic video display that took the market with a bang. New entrants hit the market later, they starting using multiple paylines in the early 1990s. Reel ‘EM In was the first video slot with a bonus round playing on two separate screens. Slots had symbols like bars, gold 7’s, and hi-tech screen resolutions that held on to the gamblers desires.

Special Features and Bonuses

Video slots have more features and rewarding bonuses. If you look at the old and mechanical school slots had three reels and predictable payouts. There is no limit to the creation of video slots design and gameplay. This is quite true if you consider the thousands of games available on the video slots platform.

A video slot can have more than 100 paylines and bonus symbols with multiple interactive games to keep players engaged. Their graphical interface is beautiful and has animations that indicate the winning spins. Most videos will open with an introductory explaining the theme.

There is an inclusion of free spins and instant wins on the 3D slots. The feature called iSlots enables the saving of your position midway through an ongoing bonus game. The skill-dependent features changes with every game since 2016. The free spins or random progressive jackpots will not give gamblers power over the outcome. The skill bonuses need some input from the player like for instance knocking off a golf ball into a hole or aiming shots at all bad guys.

Enjoy playing 3D video slots because the games are fun and played on high-tech screens without forgetting the big payouts.

Where to Find Them

New video slots are coming in every day but we need to know there are two, i.e., the classic and the fruit machine slots. The classic ones provide experience in handling the mechanical slots while the fruit machine reflects the vintage themes and use fruit symbols of older machines.

The five reel video slot seems to be the most popular in online gaming; it has scatter and wild symbols, gambling features, free spins and themes matching every possible hobby. Some developers are thinking of having seven or nine reels for more engagement and fun.

How to Play 3D Slots 

The 3D slot machines are found in casino floors. However, if you are looking for an online gaming experience, there are always some slots to play with. 3D slots are responsive to physical buttons or touchscreen compared to the casino video slots that that may have a bonus wheel located on the machine’s console.

The 3D element comes in with animation and cutaway sequences found on the games. A bonus round may be footage from a film or TV show with some key characters showing on the screen as you wait for your bonus cash.

3D video slots stakes are activated by Coins and Max Bet buttons with the possibility of selecting multiple pay lines before the game starts.

Developers to Watch

Not all developers want to come up with something spectacular using an old school format with reduced paylines, poor Return to Player(s) (RTP) with no bonuses. Some prefer to look into the big defining features, attractive graphics, and innovative game design.

Some of the latest 3D pioneers of online video slots such as BetSoft have it covered. They boast of their software being state-of-the-art, representing a true definition of 3D graphics and FX sound. All these features will put any developer on top of its game.

The use of Good Girl, Bad Girl philosophy allows one to control the game and play by picking either the “bad” or the “good” and play as per the reels.

Other beautiful games like Event Horizon, Pinocchip, and Slot Angels form part of the developers “Slot3” portfolio with features like Wandering Wilds, Synced reels, and Dancing Wilds.

Playing 3D Slots For Free

Most casinos have great 3D slots on their floors and sites. Vegas Online Casino’s site features hundreds of free slots from different developers. Take time, go through the online slots, choose the free-to-play games, and see if the 3D video slots game can work for you. When you are comfortable to take on the real game, look for a casino that offers 3D slots for real money.

Betting Options

Slot machines offer betting, and gambling options and they never demand a buy-in fee before playing your first game. This option allows beginners and experienced players to enjoy the game without making any investment. The betting options are good for beginners to get into the game before activating all paylines.


When gambling with money on online video slots, have a budget and make sure you do not overspend. Set a figure and make sure you are not distracted to spend more than your initial goal, which could lead to a disastrous outcome. The random number generator introduced in online slots and video slot machine games keep your chances of winning the same regardless of the number of hours you spend through spinning.

Make sure whenever you play, there is an attitude of fun surrounding you and drive your attention to winning. Separate emotions from the game and winning and if you can bet the maximum amount on every spin. To get free spins, it depends on the bets you trigger and the bonuses will trigger mostly in video slots, which in turn should earn the player a good payback.

Take this line with you whenever you gamble” whenever you are ahead in any gambling activity, STOP.”