Quarter Slots

In the large variety of slot machines, quarter slots offer a gameplay that can be  played in a wide range of coin values. Relatively cheaper than the dollar and the high limit slots, this type of casino games works best for the casual gamblers who have a small or a limited budget. The stake in this slot machine remains higher than the penny or the nickel slot but offers a higher payout percentage.

Quarter Slot Features

Online quarter slot games are mostly designed by IGT, Microgaming, Bally Technologies and a few other renowned software providers. This ensures that the graphics quality, gameplay, sound effects etc. are up to the mark. Quarter slots also have a few distinct features which make it stand out easily. Here are some of those:

  • High Payout Percentage: Compared to the lower valued payouts in penny and nickel slots, quarter slot machines offer more attractive winnings. This occurs because the coin denomination is higher. These games are easier to trigger as well which makes it a great choice for players with a definite aim and budget.
  • Suitable for Flexible Betting: These slots offer a large betting range which indicates that the player does not necessarily need to be a casual bettor. High-rollers can also expect to win larger sums by placing bigger stakes.
  • Progressive Jackpots: Many quarter slot games appear in the form of progressive jackpots. This is great especially for the low-stake gamblers who like to extend gaming sessions by betting small

How to Play and Win at Quarter Slot Games?

Winning at slot games mostly requires luck as all the games are RNG generated and feature random outcomes. Players can still try out a few strategies while gaming to ensure that they do not run out of bankroll. Some of these clever techniques are mentioned below:

  • Practise in the Free Mode: Players cannot win real money from the demo versions. Trying these out before the actual gaming session helps them to understand the basics of the slot. It also allows the gambler to decide whether to play the game for real cash or not.
  • Utilize the Casino Bonus: Many online casinos offer free money as a part of their welcome bonus package. Players can easily use this opportunity to try out some quarter slots. The one thing that needs to be ensured beforehand is the flexibility of the wagering requirements.
  • Start Small for Winning Big: Many rookie gamblers often play the games in the max bet setting which eats up the bankroll before they realize so. A good strategy is to start betting with smaller amounts and check out the payout rate first. This might not reward with a huge sum but may prove budget-friendly in the end.
  • Maintain a Structured Approach: It is evident that not every spin will trigger a winning combination. An average gambler usually continues playing until he receives a win or reaches a credit limit. To have a healthy and satisfying gameplay, the player needs to assess how much he is willing to lose before achieving a reward. Once the limit is reached, he has to leave the game regardless of the outcome.

Popular Quarter Slot Machines to Try Out

Quarter slot games attract a large customer base who can try them both online and offline. Some popular titles include Avalon, Adventures of Galactic Gopher, Star Appeal etc. from Microgaming.

  • Avalon: Based on the legend of King Arthur, this is a 5 reel, 3 rows and 20 paylines video slot. The game has stunning graphics as well as generous bonus features. It is great as a quarter game because it has a coins range suitable for both casual and expert players. While relaxed players can start with a slower pace, high-rollers can go up to £200 per spin. The jackpot prize offered in the slot is worth 3000 coins.
  • Adventures of Galactic Gopher: The main attraction of this 5 reel, 30 paylines slot is its free spins and large jackpot prize. Due to the wide range of paylines, players with small or big wallets can enjoy the game comfortably. Apart from the small but regular wins, one can win as much as 75000 coins on a very lucky spin.
  • Star Appeal: Here is a video quarter slot that can be played within a limited budget. Appearing in beautiful graphics, the game portrays a 5 reel, 30 paylines format. Players can expect to win up to 3200 coins in addition to 10 or 15 free spins and exciting prizes from the Star Bonus feature.

What to Consider When Playing a Quarter Slot?

Managing the bankroll well is the major factor that one needs to keep on mind while betting on a quarter slot. As switching among different coin values is very easy in this game, players often lose track of the bankroll and end up spending more than they originally planned on. This can be avoided easily by setting a fixed budget beforehand and stick to it till the end.

Where to Play Quarter Slots Online?

While many quarter slots can be found at the Vegas brick and mortar casinos, playing it online makes it more convenient for the desktop and mobile gamblers. As there are hundreds of online gambling sites nowadays, one can always expect to find a suitable quarter slot to try out luck. The only concern is to play at a safe and licensed casino. Once this is taken care of, anyone can enjoy a great session with ease and comfort.