Penny Slots

Since the advancement of casino slot machines, there have been a lot of slot games which use diverse ranges of currencies. This is designed with a versatile customer range in mind, allowing players with different types of wallets to enjoy the games at their comfort zones. Such a type of slot games is widely known as ‘Penny Slots’.

What are Penny Slots?

Penny slots are the games which are played with pennies, the lowest coin denomination available in a casino game. Players can start with a cent and gradually increase the bet depending on the number of active paylines, coins size and coins range. While the lowest stake at these slots remain a single penny, the highest can go over £100 per spin.

These types of games are highly popular among the players as they tend to be more affordable than the nickel or the dollar slots. These are more recent inventions that are found in most online and land-based casinos.

Penny slot machines have a few distinct features that are found in every game, such as:

  • Multiple Pay Lines: Most penny slots encourage the players to place more than a penny as a bet by incorporating multiple paylines in the game. The value of a single penny is not much and it allows a player to bet on 20 coins, 50 coins or even a 100 coins per spin.
  • Attractive Appearance: All penny slots online or offline, appear in bright and vibrant visual with thematic excellence. Most leading game developers arm their products with stunning graphics and complementary soundtracks to enhance the excitement of the gambling sessions.
  • Bonus Features: Playing a game with a few cents may lose its appeal after a while. To prevent such notions, almost all the penny slots come packed with bonus features, bonus games or bonus rounds. This does not only increase the quality of the game but also helps the player to earn more from the bonus packages.
  • Available in Demo Mode: Many online casinos offer Penny slot machines in free mode so that the players can learn about the ins and outs before going with real cash.

How to Play and Win at Penny Slots?

Apart from the basic putting stakes and spinning the reels, playing penny slot machines requires a few strategies. Here are some handy Penny slot tips:

  • Learn about the Game: A common mistake while playing the game is to go for the max bet right away. Each game offers a different betting range which often rises way above a few dollars per spin. This may eat up the bankroll faster than intended. One way to prevent this is to go through the game’s ‘Help’ section to get an idea about its coins range, symbol values, payouts, etc. and bet accordingly.
  • Start with a Slower Pace: Before putting a large stake, it is wiser to try out the game in a single payline or smaller coins range. It helps the player to understand how the game works. Another good alternative is to play a few free sessions first.
  • Expect Small Payoffs: Apart from a few lucky spins, generally these games offer small but regular payouts to keep the players attached to the games. This is good and bad at the same time. It keeps the excitement of gambling high but often exhausts the player’s bankroll before hitting the casino’s substantial jackpot.

What to Consider when Playing Penny Slots?

The psychology behind these slot machines are simple: to make them look more affordable than they really are. The casinos are here to make a profit and it is evident that they will try to lure in as many gamblers as they can. To make their way through this clever game plan, players need to consider many aspects rather than just a few penny slot tips and tricks. Here are some key points to keep on mind while going for penny slot machines.

  • Remain Aware of the Cost: Most modern games are designed in 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines layout. Some of the games have fixed paylines, making the player spend at least 20 cents per spin. The cost may increase a lot more if the player places 5 coins on 25 pay lines in the denomination of 0.10, making it a whopping £12.50 per spin! Depending on the budget, the player should aim for the stakes per spin so that he can have a longer and relaxing session.
  • Play with Caution: Penny slots are fun to play and can be addictive after a while. The initial stakes in small coin denominations may seem less in value but it starts to affect the bankroll if the game session extends further. Casinos have bigger bankrolls than the players and it makes a lot harder for the players to trigger a winning combination with a smaller budget. To prevent a serious loss, the players must assess the situation and learn when to call it a day.

Where to Play Penny Slots Online?

Playing Penny slots online makes gambling more fun and comfortable as the players can enjoy it at their own convenient time and place. There are hundreds of online betting sites where one can bet on penny slot machines in both free and real money versions. There are also some mobile casinos for Android and iOS users. To ensure safe gambling, one should always go for a licensed and regulated casino where maximum security is maintained. Once this step is taken right, gambling in penny slots become easy and exciting.