Nickel Slots

Nickel slots are the popular casino staples that are played with nickels. It is mostly aimed towards the players with a limited wallet who want to enjoy the thrill of gambling. The rise of these slot machines began at the fancy traditional walk-in casinos but are currently taking over the online platforms as well.

Many renowned game developers take pride in designing some of the most popular nickel slot machines. Fruit Frenzy by Real Time Gaming, Tomb Raider and Ladies Nite by Microgaming are among the fan-favourites that can be played in both desktop and Android devices.

Nickel Slots vs Penny Slots

This is one of the most concerning factors for the new players who cannot decide between the two. While both nickel slots and penny slots are designed with lower denominations, the former one is more suitable for gaining higher payouts. Players have to place bigger stakes per spin but when they do trigger a win, it offers a larger sum than the penny slots. Depending on this solid aim of winning amounts according to the budget, one can choose either of the slots and enjoy a fantastic gameplay at the same time.

Nickel Slots Features

Nickel slot machines have a lot of appealing features that open up a wide range of options to bet according to the wallet. This type of games usually portray nice and simple graphics, multiple paylines, max bets and high payouts. There are a few interesting features as well, some of which are discussed below:

  • Average Payouts: Nickel slots do not offer a very high payout percentage like the progressive jackpots but usually the big wins range from £500 to £1500. It is also relatively easy to trigger the jackpots in these games as the chances of winning become double in nickel jackpot slots.
  • Longer Sessions: Design wise, nickel slot machines offer longer gaming sessions than the dollar ones because players can spend £100 in very small ratios per spin and extend the gaming time. This clever characteristic of the slot makes it a great option to try one’s luck at while spending quality time.

How to Play and Win at Nickel Slots?

One can easily play and win at nickel slots online or offline by following a few strategies, such as:

  • Checking Out the Payout Percentage: Both progressive jackpots and fixed jackpot slots offer betting with nickels. Regardless of the choice of the type, a player can easily check out the payout percentage first and hope for the best.
  • Starting with a Convenient Sum: For a fun-filled and entertaining gaming session, it is essential that the player determines how much money he can afford to lose without interrupting his financial situation. This allows him to feel accomplished during the wins or leave the game without any worries.
  • Trying in the Demo Mode: Nickel slot machines come in distinct forms that include 3D and classic slots, video pokers, Bingo, Lotteries etc. Each type is similar in wagering range but different in gameplay. To check out which format works the best, players may give these a try in the free version first. It helps the bettor to learn about the basics and lets him decide whether to go for nickel slots or not.

What to Consider When Playing Nickel Slots?

Nickel slot games are exciting and may seem addictive to the new gamblers. To avoid a heavy loss, any player should consider a few things while playing.

  • Keeping Track of the Spins: This may be a bit challenging for the new players who seem to lose track of time and money while betting. Triggering a few small wins is easy but it is comparatively harder to hit a jackpot. To manage the bankroll, it is better to decide the length of the session beforehand.
  • Setting a Budget: Nickel slots cost more than the penny slots. An average session of an hour might cost more than the originally planned bankroll. It is highly recommended that the players set a firm budget so that they can have a long and satisfactory session.
  • Starting with a Slow Pace: Many nickel slots feature a 3 to 5 coins per spin max wager which indicates that the player might end up betting 15 to 25 cents per spin. This is great for the high-rollers but the casual players can experience a major impact on the bankroll.

One way to prevent this is to start with the minimum wager available and gradually bet higher until a certain credit limit is reached.

Where to Play Nickel Slots Online?

As the number of penny slots overflows, the presence of nickel slots at land-based casinos are decreasing by the day. Most gamblers do not understand how these games are different from one another and are typically drawn towards the penny slots in the sense that they are more affordable. Before one acknowledges the truth, he continues to spend £1.50 per spin in a penny slot. Most expert players are aware of the situation and go straight to the nickel slot machines at Vegas or Atlantic City.

The casino venues are keeping up with the business by prioritizing the popular demands and reducing nickel slot machines to save up space. The only solution for the fans to continue playing these games is to go to an online betting platform. Many casinos offer nickel slots online for free or for real money. Some also offer free bonus money during the sign-up process which is perfect for trying out luck in the nickel slots.