Dollar Slots

Dollar slots are the slot machines where the lowest coin denomination consists of a single dollar. This type of games are suitable for the gamblers who grew tired of penny or nickel slots but do not want to go for high limit slots. Dollar slot games are a lot more convenient than the other types as they offer a wide betting range. Players can continue betting with £1 per spin or switch to the high-roller mode by placing £100.

Dollar Slots vs Penny Slots

When aiming for a smooth and entertaining gambling experience, many bettors debate internally over dollar slots vs penny slots. These are similar in terms of concepts but differ in stakes and payouts.

Theoretically, a typical penny slot can be played with pennies, the lowest coin denomination available in slot machines. In reality, players often end up spending more than £1 in every single spin. While the stake becomes higher than expected, the payouts remain lower.

Dollar slot machines remain true to the name and allow the players to bet in different dollar values. These have higher payout percentages and are relatively easier to trigger than the penny slots.

As both offer entertaining gameplay, players can go for either of the two depending on the budget. The only difference may occur in the duration of sessions. With a £100 note played in a dollar slot, a gambler can expect to continue a less time consuming session.

How to Play and Win at Dollar Slot Machines?

Anyone with an initial gambling knowledge can play the dollar slots. These offer simple and easy gameplay and keep the players focused on the prize money. To get the most out of these slots, there are a few strategies that the players may follow. Some of these are mentioned below:

  • Learning the Basics: As dollar slot machines are expensive, it is essential to get an idea of the game beforehand. Playing the game in the demo mode helps a player to learn a lot about the game. Once a general concept of the gameplay, betting range and payout percentage is gathered, it becomes a lot easier for the gambler to play it for real money.
  • Determining the Stake Wisely: Most dollar slot games come with multiple paylines where some offer a fixed number of active paylines. Unless the player can afford to bet in 20 or 25 paylines at the same time, he should focus on the slot machines where he can choose the paylines. This will help him to set the stake according to his budget
  • Sticking to the Basic Slots: While modern slots portray aesthetic designs and tons of features, they are relatively harder to trigger. Classic 3 reel slots with a single payline are a lot more rewarding as the stakes are cheaper and the payout percentages are higher. By remaining consistent, one may be able to trigger the jackpot prize which generally ranges between a few thousands.

Popular Dollar Slots by Leading Developers

The popularity of dollar slots usually depend on the flexibility of the betting range and the amount of jackpot prize. The Wheel of Fortune slot by IGT falls in both the categories and is currently known as one of the most renowned dollar slot games. For dollar slots vs penny slots debaters, this game is a good choice as it starts with a single dollar. In case of the payouts, this progressive slot gives away over a million.

Major Millions is another great dollar slot that is designed by Microgaming. This is a comparatively affordable game which requires a maximum bet of £3 per spin. The game features a 3 reel, 3 paylines format which enables the players with a small budget to try their luck. The game offers an excellent gameplay along with multipliers and wild symbols. It is available at all Microgaming powered casinos.

What to Consider When Playing Dollar Slots?

Dollar slot machines seem less complicated than the rest due to the straightforward coin value clarification. While expert bettors can easily read between the lines and work their way out, rookie players often find themselves losing a lot of money. The following section is prepared especially for these newcomers.

  • Max Bet Feature: All dollar slots offer a ‘max bet’ function which allows the player to bet on the maximum stake available in that game. Depending on the game, this amount may rise up to a few hundreds. In case the player does not have a strong wallet to support betting in this setting, it is better to stick to the lower betting ranges.
  • Credit Limit: Regardless of the outcome of a game session, a player must learn when to proceed and when to give up. A good way to manage bankroll is to set a budget and play accordingly. This way there is a lesser chance of losing a massive sum.

Where to Play Dollar Slots Online?

In the crowd of penny slot machines, avid bettors can still find many casino-hit dollar slots. Although its massive popularity rose from the land based versions, now it can be found at numerous online casinos. The most effective way to find a good dollar slot casino is to search by the title of the slot. Usually the developer of the game features it in all the casinos powered by them. After the initial seeking and choosing processes are done, players can sit tight and enjoy the games in their preferred devices.