7-Reel Slots – The Latest Trend in the Gambling Industry

Slot machines are hands down the most popular casino games ever made. What makes slot machines so exciting and fun is the fact that they are easy to understand and they provide players with a chance to win big bucks with minimal stakes. Online slot machines are even more attractive nowadays thanks to a plethora of options and convenience offered by online gambling establishments that provide endless entertainment for players.

Most online slots today are either the traditional 3-reel slots or 5-reel slots. However, thanks to recent advances in technology and casino software development, a couple of 7-reel slot games have started to pop up in some online casinos.

This slot type provides more ways to win, and players can still get high payouts with minimal stakes, which makes the games more appealing to low rollers. Of course, slots with more reels doesn’t necessarily increase your chances of winning — the concept of the game is the only thing that’s different.

Why Should I Play 7-Reel Slots?

The term reels refers to vertical columns that start moving when a player presses the spin button on the control panel. You are probably wondering why developers would offer seven reels when five, or even three, are sufficient. Well, it’s because with more reels involved, the number of ways a player can win increases.

However, note that having multiple lines does not in any way impact the winning odds in casinos where 7-reel slot games are available. This is mostly because the number of lines is not what determines the payout percentage — it’s the random number generator (RNG) that does that job.

Seven-reel slots provide players with somewhat of a new design, different from the regular outlook they’ve become accustomed to over the years. Overall, it’s a different interface to play a game on, which is a welcome change for many people.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

While the upgrade from 5-reel to 7-reel slots seems to be a logical progression, one would also assume that incorporating extras that can be found in 5-reel products would be a given. However, the number of 7-reel slots featuring all the bonus offers that their 5-reel counterparts have is fairly limited on the market. This is quite a bummer considering the fact that this would be an extra draw on top of additional reels for players to take advantage of.  

So, while the sensation of spinning seven reels instead of five or three may be there, don’t expect to get blown away by any kind of bonus offerings, fascinating in-game features, or ultimately superior gameplay. What you will get with a 7-reel slot is pretty much regular gameplay, and, judging from the slots available, a standard visual appeal.

Where to Find Them

As we mentioned earlier, this slot type is not as popular as other variants, which means that they are very hard to come by. You’ll have a hard time finding them in any of the esteemed live casinos, but some of them exist online.

In fact, the only software developers that are known to offer 7-reel slot games are RTG (Real-Time Gaming) and WGS Technology. One or two other providers have tried to develop such types of slot machines, but the fact remains that 5-reel slots are still much more popular.

WSG Technology has the edge in developing these products, so the best places to start searching for these types of slot machines are platforms that support this operator. Although there isn’t a great deal of these available in the world of online casinos, there are some products that are worth searching for.

For example WGS’s Lucky 7s – a 7-reel slot machine featuring all the classic symbols including red 7s, bags of cash, and cherries. Another 7-reel product worth mentioning is the RTG’s I.R.I.S 3000. This machine slot has only one payline across 7 reels, with stakes ranging from 1 to 3 coins per slot spin, making the game attractive to casual gamblers.