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Monopoly Roulette

Monopoly Roulette

Monopoly needs little to no introduction as it is one of the most popular board games in history. It’s been nearly a century since the game was invented and, nowadays, it is played across the globe. If you happen to be one of the people that always loved monopoly, and you’re a roulette enthusiast at the same time, you’ll be pleased to know that you can simultaneously enjoy both, as SG Interactive combined the best of both worlds and made Monopoly Roulette.

SG Interactive | Barcrest, Monopoly Roulette Table Preview
© SG Interactive | Barcrest, Monopoly Roulette Table Preview

If we’ve piqued your interest, make sure to keep on reading as we will thoroughly inspect Monopoly Roulette and inform you about everything you need to know about this variance of roulette, including its rules, additional features, as well as its RTP.

Game Overview

At first glance, anyone that has ever played traditional Monopoly will immediately notice the striking resemblance between Monopoly Roulette and the famous board game — the font of the letters and the numbers is the same as it is in Monopoly. Another similarity, which we personally loved, is that you can use monopoly bills to place bets.

The general layout of the Monopoly Roulette’s table and the wheel isn’t all that different from the standard game of roulette, except for the addition of the Hot Properties betting area and the Hot pocket on the wheel. By having an extra pocket on the wheel, Monopoly Roulette is closer to the American edition of the roulette. While we’re on the topic of comparing it to the other roulette variances, we can notice that it doesn’t have the highest RTP, but it still has a solid 94.70%.

SG Interactive | Barcrest, Monopoly Roulette Race Track
© SG Interactive | Barcrest, Monopoly Roulette Race Track

After you’re done placing your bets, you will be taken to the new screen that features the roulette wheel, and you will get a close-up of the pocket where the ball lands. You can then choose to repeat the spin or double up and spin again. Another neat little thing that SG included in Monopoly Roulette is the button that allows you to change views of the roulette table.


As we’ve previously mentioned, the only difference in the layout is the Hot pocket and the Hot Features betting area that trigger the main feature of this roulette variance. If you’ve placed a bet on the Hot Features and the ball lands on the Hot pocket, you will trigger the bonus game.

You will then have a number of picks and have an opportunity to choose from 18 face-down property cards, similar to the ones you had in Monopoly. After you’ve used the allocated number of picks, you will get an offer that is based on the remaining face-down property cards, and you can either refuse or collect the offer.

SG Interactive | Barcrest, Monopoly Roulette Payouts
© SG Interactive | Barcrest, Monopoly Roulette Payouts

If you decide to refuse the offer, you will get a new set of picks. The process repeats itself until there are only two cards left, at which point you will have to remove one card while you will get the value of the other.

While in the Hot Properties bonus feature, the RTP of Monopoly Roulette significantly improves and goes up to 95.47%. With a bit of luck and logical thinking, you can leave the bonus game with a hefty waddle of cash in your back pocket.


As you can see, the game isn’t all that different from the standard game of roulette, so you won’t need any additional experience to master the Monopoly Roulette. As the gameplay revolves around the bonus feature, make sure to always have a small side bet on the Hot Properties betting area, to ensure that you never miss out on the bonus feature since the feature can be extremely rewarding if you play it smart.

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