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Mini Roulette is one of the newest additions to the enchanting world of roulette that keeps on evolving and reinventing itself with new versions of the much popular casino game. Mini Roulette is a miniature variation of European Roulette and, contrary to its big brother, has only 12 numbered slots and an additional zero slot.

Playtech | Mini Roulette Preview
© Playtech | Mini Roulette Preview

This mini version contains 6 red pockets on the wheel and 6 black ones, plus a green zero, which makes it more likely for players to win, for example, on a single bet. Despite its miniature appearance, it is still a classic roulette game that might be the best option for players who think regular roulette games are a bit too complicated and overwhelming.

Game Overview

As we have said before, Mini Roulette is a variety of European Roulette with a difference in the layout that is downsized and designed to fit the pure nature of the game. The roulette wheel takes the center position on the screen, and the layout is situated next to it.

Playtech | Mini Roulette Options
© Playtech | Mini Roulette Options

To initiate the game, you need to choose the chip size and place it on a preferred number or a group of numbers and wait for the outcome of the spin to see if you were right. As far as betting goes, the betting options are the same as with the standard European Roulette, with a difference in payouts. As it can be expected, the payouts for Mini Roulette are much smaller than in a standard game since the odds for you winning are much more significant.

The house edge for Mini Roulette is 3.85%, which means that the theoretical RTP is capped at 96.15%. This RTP is not the highest one out there but is still really good when compared to the American Roulette, for example.

Having conducted a careful analysis, we have reached certain conclusions regarding the game’s advantages and disadvantages.

The biggest advantages are:

  • Easy gameplay
  • Great odds and RTP
  • Good for novice players

The disadvantages are as follows:

  • Small payouts


Regardless of the software producer, some aspects of Mini Roulette can be found in all variations of the game. First, the visual and audio elements are a bit mechanical and reflect the simplicity of the game. Second, the betting options are almost the same as with European Roulette where you can rely on straights, splits, street and square bets as part of the inside bets, as well as columns, red and black, odd and even and half dozens as outside bets.

© Playtech | Mini Roulette Bets
© Playtech | Mini Roulette Bets

Although these bets have low payouts, there is a considerable 97.15% RTP that makes it worthwhile. The betting limit ranges from £0.25 to £250, so there is something for both the high-rollers and rookie bettors.

Also, one distinctive feature contributes to its unique character and is related to the zero pocket on the wheel. Namely, if the ball lands on zero and you have not included it in your bet, you will get 50% of your bet back, which decreases the house edge and increases your chances.


Mini Roulette is an exciting variation of European Roulette which appeals to both newcomers and seasoned players. It is effortless to play, and with its traditional and simple design, it induces a playing atmosphere that’s similar to the one found in land-based casinos.

Despite the difference in odds and payouts from the ones in standard roulette versions, the 97.15% RTP should not be overlooked and neglected as considerable wins can be made. We recommend you give it a try and experience the excitement that awaits!


10 Feb 2020 | Adam Shaw | 0 Comments


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