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High Card Flush

How to play High Card Flush

High card flush is a casino table game played using 52 cards deck. The game is played against the dealer by six players. The players cooperate against the dealer to come out with the best winning hand. The game is a recent invention with its debut being the summer of 2011 in Harrah’s Laughlin. Recently, the game has become all that people want to play on casino floors and online.

The game has similar rules to 3 card poker and the Caribbean stud poker. To fold or raise in the game follows the same rules as these games. The only catch comes to the hand rankings. For the high card flush, all that you need is to make the best out of the seven cards dealt with you against the dealers.  In the game, you can see the other players playing hands as all the players are playing against the dealer and not each other.

Galaxy Gaming | High Card Flush Table
© Galaxy Gaming | High Card Flush Table



High card flush rules are relatively simple to learn and understand. The laws involved in playing this game include:

  1. It is played with a deck of 52 cards.
  2. Players start by making an ante bet and an optional bonus bet if willing.
  3. The dealer deals out seven cards face down for the player and himself.
  4. Evaluation is done according to the following criteria:
    • Number of cards with the most considerable number and are of the same suit (maximum flush), i.e. if you have a four card flush, then you win against a three card flush but lose against a five card flush.
    • Highest poker rank hand, i.e. a K, Q, J and T is a better four card flush and wins against a K, Q, J and 9 but the same loses against an A, 4, 3 and 2.
  5. After evaluation of the cards, the player may choose to fold or raise by placing a bet equal to the original bet. If a player decides to raise, the only limitation for him is his poker ranking of the cards in hand. It means that if you have a:
    • 2, 3 or a 4 card flush, then you make a raise wager equal to the ante
    • 5 card flush, then the raise wager is double the ante wager
    • 6 or 7 card flush, then the raise wager is triple that of the ante wager
  6. The dealer then exposes his 7 cards and also similarly evaluates his winning hand.
  7. The player wins, and the antes are paid if the dealer doesn’t at least have a 3 card flush or A nine high and the raise wagers placed advance to the next step.
  8. If the dealer has the above combination, then players with higher poker values win and raise bets advance, those with lower poker ranks lose and raise wagers go to the house, and if it is a tie, then the raise wagers push ahead.
  9. Bonus wagers are then compared and are paid or lost to the house.


Types of bets

There are three types of bets in the game. These are:

Galaxy Gaming | High Card Flush Wagers

Ante wager
It is a mandatory bet that is placed at the beginning of the game.

Raise wager
It is a type of bet that is placed once the player chooses to raise instead of folding during the game. It might be equal to the original ante wager, double or triple the ante wager.


Galaxy Gaming | High Card Flush Wagers

Galaxy Gaming | High Card Flush Wagers



Bonus wager
It is an optional bet placed at the beginning of the game.


The objective of playing the game is beating the dealers’ strongest hand.


Hand Ranks

Hand ranks include:

  • Seven card flush ♠♠♠♠♠♠♠
7 Card royal straight flush
7 Card Diamonds Royal Straight Flush Eight to Ace
  • Six card flush ♠♠♠♠♠♠
6 Card Diamonds Straight Flush
6 Card Diamonds Straight Flush Eight to King
  • Five card flush ♠♠♠♠♠
5 Card Straight Flush
5 Card Spades Straight Flush Ace to Five
  • Four card flush ♠♠♠♠
4 Card Heart Flush 8 to J
4 Card Heart Straight Flush Eight to Jack
  • Three card flush ♠♠♠
3 Card Clubs Straight Flush Jack to King
3 Card Clubs Straight Flush Jack to King



The high card Straight flush winning table payout is as follows:

Winning Hand Payout
7 card straight flush 8000 to 1
6 card straight flush 1000 to 1
5 card straight flush 100 to 1
4 card straight flush 60 to 1
3 card straight flush 7 to 1

The high card flush bonus wager payout is as follows:

Winning Hand Payout
7 card flush 300 to 1
6 card flush 75 to 1
5 card flush 5 to 1
4 card flush 2 to 1

House Edge

The high card flush odds in this game give a house edge of 2.7% when using the advanced strategy, 2.64% when using the optimal strategy, and 2.71% when using the Mousseau strategy.


Playing Strategy Tips

There are three playing strategies involved in this game.

  • Mousseau strategy

It advises that you make the most massive raise bet that your hand rank allows. It is because the largest raise bet lowers the house edge for the game to 0.06% and brings the high card flush odds to your favor. The strategy translates to making a raise when you have a 4 card flush or higher and 3 cards flush or higher.

  • Advanced Strategy

According to this strategy, we advise that you seek more information as it considers the penalty card distribution using a T, 3, and 2 to T, 9, and 8

  • Optimal strategy

It advises the player to make:

  • Maximum raise bet if the player has a J, 9, and a 6 or a higher poker rank
  • To fold if the player has a 9, 7 and a 4 or a lower poker rank
  • Make an independent decision if you have a 9, 7 and a 5 or a J, 9 and a 5.


For offline players, high flush tables come with a logo and six different spots for the six players involved in the game. Also, it has a separate space for the dealer. For an online game, all that you need is reliable internet access, a laptop, and comfy sitting space.


What is High Card Flush?

High card flush is rising to be one of the most popular card games at the casino round table. It is simple, fun, and has fewer rules compared to other games like blackjack and poker. The player with the highest number of cards in a flush wins the game.

How do you win High Card Flush?

In high card flush, the dealer qualifies when his hand is a 3-card flash at the least, with a 9 or higher among the set. If the dealer qualifies, a win is declared by comparing the best hand against the dealer’s. In this case: ● You will win your ante and raise bets if you have the higher flush, or the higher ranking cards in a flush. ● You will push your ante and raise bets if your flush matches the rank of the dealer’s. ● You will lose if the dealer’s flush ranks higher than yours. When the dealer is disqualified, the ante is paid, and the raises are pushed.

What are the Payouts for High Card Flush?

The casino payout for a 6-card flash pays 75 to 1, meaning that you will make about $7500 on a $100 bet. The 4-card flush pays 2 to 1, while the 5-card and 7-card pay 5 to 1 and 300 to 1 respectively. On the straight flush pay table, you will get a 7 to 1 for a 3-card straight, 60 to 1 for a 7-card, 100 to 1 for a 5 card, 1000 to 1 for a 6-card, and 8000 to 1 for a 7-card straight.

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