Flushes Gone Wild

Introduction to Flushes Gone Wild – Rules, House Edge, Tips & More!

Flushes Gone Wild is a 52 card deck table game. The game involves the different number of players all playing against the house or dealer. It is composed of many similarities to poker. The only difference is, the game is a more simplified version of the real poker. Playing the game requires knowledge of how to win the game.

The game was first played in 2005 and has gained momentum since then. However, it created its debut in 2015 after its introduction to different casino both online and offline. The game uses five cards as its playing base. To win it, you need any number of cards of a similar suit. The name originates from the winning tickets as they are indeed a Wild assortment. Numerical digits that are sequential in this game is a natural flush. They are hard to get, but their payouts are also high.


Understanding how to play Flushes Gone Wild, you need to know the rules governing the game. These rules are besides, Flushes Gone Wild:

  • The game requires 52 cards to play it.
  • Rankings are considered to be the same as those of poker. Having a deuce makes it as wild as their inclusion doesn’t determine the winning hand. However, having one automatically gives you the chance to choose any other card, not in any players hands.
  • Even with the rankings, the game only uses flushes. The number of cards in hand determine the flush. Having more than two cards in flush, then the number of cards in the flush determines the ranking.
  • The first step is placing the ante wager and the blind wager. These are of the same amount. If interested in going all the way, set an optional bet known as the Flush Rush.
  • The players and the dealer are all given five cards and two other community cards. They have the chance to examine their cards even though the dealers remain face down.
  • The opportunity is then forwarded to the player to raise or fold his bet after reviewing his cards.
  • To continue playing, placing a play bet is required. The play bet is equal to the initial ante wager placed and the blind wager.
  • If I fold, then the ante and blind bet placed are lost. It would include even the flush Rush.
  • The dealer is now allowed to reveal his set of cards. Then both the dealer and player both place their flush bet cards to determine the winning hand.
  • If I have the winning side, then the bets placed pay more while the blind pays in accordance to the victory margin set. “A victory margin is the remaining cards once the dealers’ cards are subtracted from the players winning hand being the longest one.”
  • The house having the winning hand translates to a loss of all the bets placed.
  • If it’s a tie between the house and the players, then the stakes-placed to push on to the next step.
  • The optional bet payouts are dependent on the payout table, the margin of victory, and the value of the cards in hand for the player.


  • Flush Rush

It is a free bet that is placed even before the game starts. The chance still holds value also if I fold during the game. Winning with this bet requires making a wager on the Flush rush bet.

  • Blind

It is an initial bet made before the game starts.

  • Ante

It is an initial play bet made before the game begins. The blind and ante bet are both equal.


The objective of playing the Flushes Gone Wild is to have the best winning hand. It means having several cards of the same suit or a natural flush. A natural glow means cards of the same suit in a sequential arrangement.


In this game, the expected payouts are as follows:

Cards in Ante or Blind Wager Pay-out
5 200 to 1
4 25 to 1
3 5 to 1
2 3  to 1
1 or 0 Push

Payouts for the Flush Rush

Cards in the Flush Rush bet Pay-outs
7 natural flush 250 to 1
7 wild card 100 to 1
6 natural flush 50 to 1
6 wild cards 10 to 1
5 natural flush 6 to 1
5 wild cards 3 to 1
4 natural flush 1 to 1
Any other wild card or flush 0

House Edge

Flushes Gone Wild table game has a house edge of 3.7%. To win the game, be sure to beat the dealers flush hand by making yours the most significant winning hand. Aim for a royal flush.


Flushes Gone Wild strategies are:

  • Have the five cards, three card flush, and at least one deuce and another wild card
  • If you have two flush cards, play if on the cards is a:
    • K-8 high, then play
    • King or a queen high
    • Both are Queen high
    • One is a king, and the other is a queen high
    • One of the flushes is a king, the other is a jack high, and the 5th one is an ace or a king.
    • Four of the cards in the two flushes are 10s or even higher than that.


You need 52 cards to play this game. The players are several, but, utmost five as they all have to be given the dealer ad his cards. The cards are shuffled by a machine both online and offline before they are issued out.

For offline games, a table is required, with seats for all the players. The tables come with a logo showing the Flush Gone Wild table game. The dealer places his cards in front of him, which gives space for the players to see.

What is considered a royal flush?

Royal Flush is the best possible straight flush hand, a straight flush is a combination of 5 cards which are the same suit and are in numerical order, so a Royal flush hand would ace, king, queen, jack and ten of the same suit. The Royal flush hand is the highest hand and can not be beaten.

What is the house advantage for Flushes Gone Wild?

The house edge for the Ante and Blind Wagers is calculated at about 3.7% and If the Flush Rush wager is made the house edge jumps to about 8.6% which is significantly more.

Is there a strategy for Flushes Gone Wild?

You should play all hands that have/include a minimum of 3 card flush or at least 1 deuce and play a 2 card flush of at least queen high

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