Introduction to Double Attack Blackjack 

Double Attack Blackjack pertains to the world of those unique blackjack games with exciting and new playing features aimed at spicing things up a bit. 

Double Attack Blackjack is played with 8 ‘Spanish’ decks, which means all 10s have been removed and 48 cards are at play. While the goal of the game is the same as with standard blackjack versions, several rule twists make this game special and widely accessible, especially in Atlantic City where the majority of casinos offer it. This popularity is the reason why Playtech has published its online edition and expanded its influence on the world of online gaming. 

Check out our guide and learn more on how to play Double Attack Blackjack and its playing features and characteristics. Read on! 

How to Play Double Attack Blackjack

To make sure you get the hang of Double Attack Blackjack quickly, refer to this incisive guide and you will be ready to hit the Double Attack Blackjack tables in no time. 

General Rules 

As previously stated, 8 ‘Spanish’ decks with 48 cards each are used. After placing the initial bets, a single face-up card is dealt to the dealer, and this is the time where players can opt for a raise of their bets in what is called ‘Double Attack’, hence the name of the game. The raise may be up to the original wager, and in the case of ‘Splits’ and ‘Double Downs’, the player must match his ‘Double Attack’ bet for the former, and raise to the sum of the original wager and ‘Double Attack’ bet for the latter. After the first card is dealt to the dealer, the rest of the cards are distributed normally to the players and face-down. 

The actions players have at their disposal are the same ones used in classic American Blackjack. You can call ‘Hit’ and call for more cards to be added to your hand until you reach 21, go as near it as possible, or go over the cap. 

Also, you can ‘Split’ any pair of cards you have got and make an additional bet for the split card. Should you choose to split, an extra bet must equal your total bet. You can resplit the cards up to four times.  

All pairs can be split and hit with as many cards as you like except the Aces which can get only one card. 

There are also options such as ‘Double Down’, ‘Insurance’, or ‘Surrender’. Players may double their bets and surrender at any time, even after splitting the cards. Also, the Insurance option is a valuable asset as it has a payout of 5:2. 

You need to pay attention to the dealer’s hand as the dealer would stand on soft 17 and can peek for Blackjack, so be on the lookout. 

Bust It Side Bet 

Bust It is a side wager where the players wager on if the dealer is going to go bust with three cards. The amount that this side pays differs depending on the cards the dealer has in their hands. You can place this side bet before the round begins and it will still be on even if you decide to surrender. Going back to the payout of the bet, it can be one of the biggest in all of Blackjack. If the dealer busts with three suited eights, the payout is 200:1. In the case of the dealer busting with three eights of the same color, the expected payout is 50:1. Depending on the card that caused the bust, the payouts are as follows: 

  • Six – 15:1
  • Seven – 10:1
  • Eight – 8:1
  • Nine – 6:1
  • Face Card – 3:1

Offline vs Online

Double Attack Blackjack has been one of the most popular games at Atlantic City casinos for a good many years before a renowned software producer Playtech decided to jump the bandwagon and create its online counterpart. The online version retains all of the characteristics and rules of its big brother that is played at brick-and-mortar casinos, so the feelings and atmosphere that Double Attack Blackjack induces are similar in both varieties. In the online variety, the wagers range from $1 to $300 per round and the RTP peaks at 99.38%, which only leaves a 0.62% house edge.


With additional rules and side bets, Double Attack Blackjack is undoubtedly considered to be a crowd pleaser among Blackjack games. It offers an entirely new way of playing a classic casino game with twists and turns that will keep you glued to your seat throughout the play. The odds and payouts are more than substantial, especially considering a max 200 to 1 payout on the side bet that remains active even if you have surrendered. There is also the ‘Double Attack’ bet that you opt for right from the get-go and thus add more flare to the betting options and payouts. Give Double Attack Blackjack a go and see if you have what it takes to take home the bacon. Good luck!