Introduction to Blackjack Switch

Blackjack lovers who have grown tired of playing the ever-popular game in its classic blackjack form should try out Blackjack Switch − an exciting alternative with a bit of a twist! It’s similar to regular blackjack in many ways but differs in that all playing positions receive two hands rather than one. 

Blackjack switch allows the players to do what would otherwise constitute as cheating − trading cards between two hands. This game was patented by Geoff Hall, who was a keen blackjack player himself. Namely, he realized that his odds could drastically increase if he were only able to trade cards between them. 

In this guide, we’ll explain how to play Blackjack Switch and the game’s most important features. 

How to Play Blackjack Switch 

Below, you can check out general rules of Blackjack Switch, as well as the most significant differences between this blackjack version and the standard one. 


Blackjack switch is played using 6 or 8 decks. It is essentially played according to most of the basic blackjack rules but with some significant differences. 

The first difference is that each player is dealt two cards instead of one. Players must play two, and both hands must have equal bets. Once both hands are dealt, then something unique to this blackjack format occurs − players have the option to swap the second card dealt from one hand to the other. Obviously, you would choose to swap hands only if you can make a better hand. 

For example, you are dealt a 6 and 10 for one hand (a lousy blackjack hand) and 5 and 10 for the other hand (an even worse blackjack hand). Now, in this blackjack variant, you are allowed to exchange the cards, meaning that you can swap 6 and 10 to create two great blackjack hands − the first would consist of 10 and 10, and the second hand is now 5 and 6 (which is now a great hand to double on). 

You can only switch cards one time per round. After the players have made their switch decision, the game proceeds as in the standard blackjack format in terms of players being able to ‘’Double Down’’, ‘’Switch’’ and so on. 

Another important difference between Blackjack Switch and regular blackjack is that 22 is not considered a bust in Blackjack Switch. If the dealer has 22, then it is automatically considered a tie except when the player has a natural blackjack. Speaking of natural blackjack − they are paid only 1:1, contrary to the standard 3:2 in regular blackjack games. 

The most challenging part of this game for most players is knowing when to switch. Some hands (like the above mentioned) are obvious switches. In some situations, though, it can be challenging to decide whether to switch or not. For example, what would you do if you get two hands of 10-6 and A-5? Is it a good call to switch A and 10? To ease the burden, we have come up with switching strategy tips. 

Switching Strategy 

Before you make a final decision, you must determine whether or not switching your top cards would really pay off. The first step in deciding whether you would be better off with switched cards is to define the dealer’s upcard as weak, strong, or deuce. 

  • Weak: If the dealer is showing anything from 3 to 6 
  • Strong: If the dealer is showing anything from 7 to ace 
  • Deuce: Any pair. This doesn’t classify as Weak because the deuce is less likely to bust in Blackjack Switch.   

Let’s assume hypothetically that you’re dealt a natural 21 in one hand, and a hard 14 in another hand. Depending on the dealer’s hand, a switch that would break up the natural blackjack would be the right move here. T, T, and A, 4 might be a more favourable combination in this situation. You can try improving your soft 15 by drawing an additional card and avoid going bust. At the same time, your 20 hand will probably beat the dealer’s 6 through 9 hand. 

Also, note that if your blackjack was formed as a result of a switch, it will count as 21 points, and not as a natural 21. 


Blackjack Switch is a fun blackjack variant that is offered by many online casinos, particularly those who offer Playtech Software. While this blackjack format shares a lot of similarities with the standard one, they are different enough that you must study the ‘’easy’’ switching strategy so you can stand a chance against the dealer. 

The house advantage in Blackjack switch can be reduced to as much as 0.10%, which makes this game a potentially lucrative alternative. In fact, even the most skilled online players choose Blackjack Switch over the standard version when both are available. 

All in all, Blackjack Switch presents an enjoyable challenge for advanced players and extremely fun twists on classic blackjack, when you get bored with the regular rules.