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Big Six Wheel

Big Six Wheel

It is a table game played by people of different cultures, ages, and origins. The game is also known as the game of fortune, the lucky wheel, money wheel among others. It originated from the ancient Greeks. They used their shields by marking points on it and spun it. If lucky and stopped in your selected section, then you won the game. Also, it was used to settle disputes amongst the soldiers in ancient times.

Today, the game pretty much observes the same rules as in the past. Even though it is popular amongst players, the game is primarily a game of chance and therefore has no specific Big Six Wheel strategy that one can follow except staying away from it. Players are advised against playing the game as the winning odds are high for the house. To learn more here is:

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Rules of the game

The game comes in the form of a wheel. The wheel is subdivided into 54 sections. Fifty-two of these sections have numbers and other symbols on them. The different 2 parts; one has the house logo while the other has a joker on it. The sections also have monetary denominations attached to them.

To win, you are required to place a bet on whichever of these sections/ denomination that you expect the wheel to stop. Once the wager has been placed, then the dealer spins the wheel. If lucky, the wheel stops at your selected section, and you win. If not, then you lose the entire bet to the house.

House Edge

The game has high house edge percentages. In many cases, the house advantages are different for each of the winning sections on the Big Six Wheel. These range from 11% and can go as high as 24%. In some countries playing different variations of the game, the house edge lower limit can go up to 7% and the highest limit to 25%. The game can be exciting. We advise against playing the game unless in the mood and willing to lose a few dollars to the house. If not, seek a more suitable table game to play while still in the casino or online. For many casinos, the house edge varies according to the table below.

Bet     House Edge
$1 11%
$2 16%
$5 22%
$10 18%
$20 22%
Joker 24%
House logo 24%


There are seven types of bets you can play in this game. These bets are associated with the six denominations the wheel is divided into. Betting is done by placing your wager on $1, which is a single bet on its own. Another wager can be placed on the wheel stopping at $2, $5, $10, and $20, the joker or on the house logo. The bets are subdivided into different sections on the wheel add up to 54. These are:

Machine used for the interface of Big SIx Wheel
© Interblockgaming | Machine used for the interface of Big SIx Wheel
  • $1 appears 24 times
  • $2 appears 15 times
  • $5 appears 5 times
  • $10 appears 10 times
  • $20 appears 20 times
  • Joker appears once
  • House logo appears once

All these have different payouts at the end of the day.

Bet payouts

Payouts for the big six wheel casino games are times one for the wager placed. If you bet on the $1, then the payout is one it to 1.  Similarly, the other bets correspond to:

  • 2:1 for waging $2
  • 5:1 for waging $5
  • 10:1 for waging $10
  • 20:1 for waging $20
  • 40:1 for waging on the joker
  • 40:1 for waging house logo


The objective of this game is to win by allowing the wheel to spin and hoping that it stops in the desired wheel section or denomination selected.

  • Advantages
    The game has high pay levels. If you win, the game will offer huge pays, especially if you placed your wager in the right denominations.
  • Disadvantages
    The game has an enormous house advantage. Therefore, even if you win, they end up taking much more of your money than theirs.


The game is a table game with the wheel mounted on a spinning rod. This allows the wheel to be spun until it stops in a specific area. It has a pointer that indicates where the wheel has stopped at and selects the winning denomination.


The game is a lucky charm, and the winning odds are not in your favor. Therefore, if you are not willing to lose the money, please stay away from the game.


Big six wheels table game provides many attractive opportunities. These dwindle as the wheel spins. It might seem like the best game to bet your money on and win big. However, you have to practice caution as you can end up losing all the money placed on the bet.


What is Big Six Wheel?

It is a gambling game also known as The Big Six, Wheel of Fortune, Wheel of Cash, Money Wheel, Big Wheel or Lucky Wheel. This is a game that is played by spinning a large wheel that looks like a bicycle rim. The player gambles on the number they think the rim will stop at and places a bet on it. The wheel is divided into a number of sections which have different monetary values, a joker and wild card spot. The segments are divided equally by spokes and also consist of a flexible rubber is mounted to rub against the spokes so as to stop the spin.

How many number are on the Big Wheel?

The wheel is made up of a total of 54 Segments, among this 52 are marked by either numbers or symbols, while the remaining two are both jokers and one of them can be a wild card spot. The player gambles on which segment of the wheel they expect the wheel to stop at so as to determine result of the bet.

What are the odds?

The Big Six Wheel has six different payoffs available on the wheel and repetition of a number or symbol in different segments increase chances of winning. The payoff is determined by the monetary value of the symbol on each segment, the amount placed on bet, and the odds that appear at different frequencies. The House Edge for this game ranges from 11% to 24% for the Joker and wild card spot bets hence players with financial difficulties are discouraged from playing this game.

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