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2-7 Triple Draw

Introduction to 2-7 Triple Draw Poker

2-7 Triple Draw is a pretty old type of poker that has been neglected for quite some time. However, it is now coming back to the poker scene thanks to several bigshots who are reviving it, including Gus Hansen and Phil Galfond.

This game is a great way to introduce some diversity into your poker routine. If you are used to playing Hold’em and Omaha all the time, 2-7 triple draw poker will definitely fire up your passion for this game once again.

We are not saying this for no reason; in fact, we are quite confident that you will like this game because it is unique compared to all the others. This type of poker is also known as Deuce to Seven Triple Draw Lowball because the goal of the game is to make the lowest five-card combination in order to win. 

In 2-7 triple draw poker, the lowest and most powerful combination is 2-3-4-5-7. If you are a poker novice, it might be challenging for you to get used to this peculiarity. However, after learning the ropes, the fun can begin!

Let’s move on and check out the rules of 2-7 Lowball poker and learn how to play it.

2-7 Triple Draw Rules

2-7 Lowball is a vastly different game compared to any other poker game you have played so far. To be good at it and consistently win pots, you need to forget everything you have learned about poker before. You need to play against what seems like common sense. 

Start by learning the basic rules and the flow of the game that we have presented below:

  • 2-7 triple draw is a limit game, which means that it is played with a small and big blind. 
  • At the beginning of the game, every player is dealt five face down cards, one card at a time.
  • The first betting round starts when all the players have five cards in their hands.
  • After the first betting round, the first drawing round commences. In this round, players can replace any number of cards in their hands. They can also choose not to replace any, which is called “standing pat.”
  • After the first dealing round, the second betting round begins. This cycle repeats itself two more times after two additional drawing rounds and betting rounds have finished.
  • After that, the players are ready to show their cards and the winner is declared.
  • The hands are counted from the highest card down.
  • The winner in 2-7 triple draw poker is the one with the lowest and the “weakest” hand, in conventional terms. 
  • If two players have the same hand, they will split the pot.
  • Ace is considered to be the High Card in this type of poker.

As you can see, at first, many things will not make sense when it comes to this type of poker. Remember that, unlike when playing Texas Hold’em, for example, straights and flushes are not desirable. The same goes for pairs. 

How to Play 2-7 Triple Draw Poker

Let’s learn about the basics of 2-7 triple draw Lowball poker and share some killer tips and tricks that will skyrocket your chances of winning in this unique game.

Dealer and Blinds

2-7 Triple Draw is always played with a maximum of 6 players at the table. Just like Hold’em, this game uses a dealer button and small/big blind buttons. The blinds are decided according to the position of the dealer. The player one position left to the dealer will place the small blind, whereas the player two positions left to the dealer places the big blind.

Each player is given one card at a time until all players at the table have five cards. After that, the drawing and betting rounds ensue, as we have demonstrated above. During these betting rounds, you may choose to call, raise, or fold, just like in any other type of poker. 

You also have the option to discard between 1 and 5 cards in any of the three drawing rounds. If you discard between 1 and 4 cards, the replacement cards will be dealt to you all at once. If you discard all 5 cards, the dealer will first give you four cards, complete the dealing cycle, and then give you the last card. 

As you know, you can also choose to “stand pat” and not replace any cards. But when should you do that? Check out the section below to find out.

Drawing Hands

Deciding how many cards you want to draw is not done intuitively. There are “pat hands,” “one-card hands,” “two-card hands,” and so on. Before entering a Deuce to Seven game, you should remember and understand the hands.

Pat Hands

When you receive a standing pat hand, all you need to do is start raising and start celebrating. The examples of such hands are:

  • 7-5-4-3-2
  • 7-6-5-3-2
  • 8-5-4-3-2

If you hold any of these hands, don’t draw even one hand. If you hold a 9-7 combination, you should draw one card and try to replace the 9 with a smaller one.

One-Card Draw Hands

There are a lot of awesome hands that will put a smile on your face and require you to draw just one hand in order to end up with a monster hand. Some of those are:

  • 7-4-3-2
  • 7-5-4-2
  • 6-4-3-2
  • 6-5-3-2
  • 6-5-4-2

Of course, you will have an additional card to these four. If it’s an ace or a 9, make sure to discard it and try to get a smaller one, like a 5, an 8, or a 3, depending on your hand. There are many other combinations in this group, but you can use these five to understand the principle.

Two-Card Draw Hands

These are the most common card combinations you will receive when playing 2-7 Lowball. They are good starting hands but they require some work in order to become excellent showdown hands. If you see these cards in addition to two high cards, make sure to discard the two unwanted ones.

  • 4-3-2
  • 7-3-2
  • 5-3-2
  • 5-4-2
  • 7-4-2
  • 7-5-2


2-7 Triple Draw poker is by far one of the most exciting variations of this game out there. Learning how to play it will help you understand poker strategies in general, and make it easier for you to play other popular poker types such as Razz or Omaha Hi-Lo

Remember that the most important thing is to stay away from high cards and high hands. Straights and flushes are your worst enemies in this game — if you make smart drawing moves and avoid them, you’ll have a high chance of consistently winning rounds.

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