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Live 5 Gaming is an independent casino game developer firm that is based in the UK. With a very small selection of games, this is one of the smallest game manufacturers in the industry. Though all of their productions can easily be found at the online casinos, it may not be a surprise if the name of the brand still remains a bit unknown to the casual gamblers.

Working from their Essington based headquarter, the company produces casino staples for the online platforms. They began their career only in 2015, initiated by Roy Howell. They have been providing the community with many products since then and so far made some strong connections in the industry.

Quality wise, Live 5 Gaming appears in contrast to their minimal achievement. In fact, games from this developer are highly innovative and stylish that can compete with many other casino-hit titles. However, it seems like the company knows about the sectors that they are lacking and are already working on creating a firm position for themselves. They are forging some strong partnerships with some of the best casino sites in the UK. Players who want to check out their games can find their titles in many online and obviously, many live casinos.

What to Expect from Live 5 Gaming Slot Machines

The developer has a steady process when it comes to launching new games. After their first game, the second was released a lot later in early 2017. The well-acceptances of this slot machine confirmed their notable presence in the gambling community and motivated them to speed up the developing process.

Visually, all the slots from Live 5 Gaming are spectacular. Though the developer has incorporated top-notch storylines in a few slots only, they have succeeded in presenting a simple but elegant outlook in all of them. The symbols and the background elements appear bright and vivid on the screen and offer interactive gameplays at the same time.

In Live 5 Gaming slots, players have the option to take part in different levels with different RTPs. They can also choose to move to the upper levels through the gameplay.

Top 3 Live 5 Gaming Slots

Live 5 Gaming has less than 10 slots in their offering. Considering the new gamblers, having a small game catalogue is not all that bad as it lessens the struggle of choosing. Players who want to try out the games from the developer, here are some of the best slots according to us:

  • Stairway to Heaven:
    This is a 5 reel, 20 paylines video slot that offers a stunning design with an aesthetically pleasing reel set among the clouds. The game has a range of RTP set according to bet per line. At the lowest bet of £2, the RTP remains 86% whereas it increases over 95% when the bet raises to the max bet level. The game has 9 levels like this where the higher RTP starts from level 4.
  • The Sky’s the Limit:
    Featuring the betting level of the first game, this slot also brings forward an innovative gameplay. The visual is amazing as well and offers an array of pilots, stewardesses and some play card symbols. Wilds, free spins and multipliers are also found abundant in this slot.
  • Fortune Lucky:
    Here is another interesting creation from Live 5 Gaming that offers an oriental style design. Presenting the developer’s top-notch graphics quality, this game also features multipliers, re-spins and a bonus round. Overall, this is an entertaining game to play for an exciting session.

Why One should Check Out Live 5 Gaming

Live 5 Gaming is a relatively new online game developer with lesser recognition and higher quality games. Their games are available on both desktop and mobile platforms, which is another great reason why the UK based players can easily play the games anytime.

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