NFL sets protocols for reopening of 32 team facilities

  • NFL announces reopening training 32 training facilities starting May 15
  • Dr. Allen Sills, the NFL’s medical doctor is expected to highlight and explain the protocols to physicians and infection control officers
  • Each facility is required to assemble an Infection Response Team that is capable of dealing with suspected coronavirus cases
  • NFL establishes workplace protocols that require face coverings unless a person is in a closed office
  • The protocol suggests employees and players to regularly monitor their temperature before they enter the facility

The NFL announced reopening training facilities for 32 teams by May 15, in an attempt from league officials to gradually resume operations.

“Several phases of the protocols were laid out. The first phase to dealing with the coronavirus pandemic would involve a limited number of non-player personnel, initially 50% of the non-player employees on any single day, being approved to be at the facility,” Associated Press.

NFL left it up to clubs to decide on the employees allowed to return to the facility once it opens. 

As for players, only those with injuries requiring rehab or physiotherapy attention will be allowed inside the facility. 

“While these protocols have been carefully developed and reflect best practices, they can also be adapted and supplemented to ensure compliance with any state and local public health requirement.”

It is noteworthy to mention that the remaining phases will re-open gradually and will involve more staff and players. 

Aspects of NFL’s protocol

Dr, Allen Sills is expected to highlight and explain the protocols to physicians and infection control officers. 

The protocol stresses the necessary steps needed in order to re-launch the 32 facilities. 

First off though, the NFL must obtain the approval of local and state government officials.

Moreover, all NFL teams must implement all operational guidelines set by the league to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus among facility workers. 

An important point that was mentioned in the protocol has to do with making available an Infection Response Team dealing with suspected coronavirus cases. The protocol suggests that the team’s medical personals can lead in this area.

No direct contact with fans

According to the Las Vegas Sun, “the league is establishing workplace protocols that require face coverings unless a person is in a closed office.”

They also added, “The orders also stress minimum contact, sufficient distancing, the gradual and phases return to in-person work, and continued remote meetings to reduce the number of people at the facility.”

The protocol encourages employees and players to regularly take their temperature, especially before entering and exiting the team’s facility. In case the temperature is higher than usual, players or employees are ordered to quarantine themselves immediately. 

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell mentioned during Preview Las Vegas, “We will continue to work in a deliberate and thoughtful way to pay for the 2020 season including Thursday night’s scheduled release…and we will be prepared to address any contingencies as they arise.”

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