Why Do Vegas Casinos Use Drink Monitoring Software?

  • Las Vegas casinos no longer offer free drinks to every guest.
  • Some casinos have deployed a drink monitoring system that ensures that only gamblers who are worthy to receive beverages are rewarded.
  • Caesars Entertainment started using the system in 2018, followed by Westgate Hotel.
  • Some casinos are yet to implement the technology, though chances are they will do so in the future.

Las Vegas casinos are no longer offering free drinks to every guest on the gaming floor. They use drink monitoring software to determine who is worthy to receive the beverage.

The casinos used to give out free alcoholic beverages even to bystanders to get them drunk enough to start playing or gamble more. However, operators have been recently monitoring who deserves the gift visually.

Cocktail waitresses have been looking for and serving true gamblers alcohol at least every hour. However, this system isn’t perfect because some players may trick waitresses into offering them free drinks without gambling much.

Drink monitoring systems can help put this behavior in check. They determine players who deserve to get the beverage. By installing monitoring systems into slot and video poker machines, casinos can determine when a punter plays enough to get the free drink.

The first company to deploy this technology in Las Vegas was Caesars Entertainment. They started using software and lights on top of the machines in 2018. Before a gambler earns a drink, the lights remain red. It turns green when he or she does.

The Westgate Hotel’s system is a bit different. It notifies the player when they have earned the beverage via the screen. The punter may then order the drink through the screen. Other casinos are likely to use this system as a basis for their systems in the future since it seems more efficient than that of Caesars Entertainment.

Why Use Technology?

There are many reasons why casinos would want to use technology to offer free drinks. The obvious one is to enable operators to reward real gamblers. Casinos can determine how much they want punters to wager before giving out free beverages.

Another reason is that the technology discourages loitering on slot and video poker machines. Gamblers who pretend to be playing real money slots or video poker cannot earn drinks since the system is very accurate when it comes to detecting real players. The drink monitoring software will also discourage pretenders from occupying seats that real players should be using.

Also, monitoring systems streamline the process of offering free drinks to players. Instead of visually monitoring who deserves the beverage, waitresses can get the information by looking at their company-issued tablet. This way, they can focus on serving customers better. Also, gamblers can get their drinks faster.

Casinos used to rely heavily on gambling. However, they have now diversified their revenue sources to include nightclubs, spas, and shows, among other things. Therefore, giving out free drinks to lure everyone into gambling is no longer necessary.

Automation also discourages waitresses and bartenders from giving free drinks to tippers.

Drink monitoring systems also help casinos avoid fines resulting from over-serving customers, especially addictive punters.

The Future of Drink Monitoring Systems

Some casinos are yet to deploy this technology. However, more gambling companies will likely implement it in the future. The concept has several benefits that casino operators may want to get.

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