Vegas fast becoming a VR gambling hub

With the rising virtual reality industry, Las Vegas has been on the receiving end of it with the city embracing the ever-evolving technology. The technology has been welcomed to the online casino industry and the recent experiment has proved successful in the adoption of virtual reality gaming.

The technology has not yet spread its wings with its existence dating a few years back. That notwithstanding, some of the biggest casino brands have welcomed the technology.

42 Million Visitations 

In a single year, Las Vegas receive visitations that amount to more than 42 million people. For a reason or so, many tourists will visit the city for its biggest casinos and entertainment spots. The number has increased with others making their way in a bid to checking out the VR technology that has been incorporated in the various city casinos. The casinos have gone ahead to offer fully-immersive rooms for the same.

Zero Latency | VR at the MGM Grand
© Zero Latency | VR at the MGM Grand

September 2017, saw MGM Grand being the first property in Vegas to incorporate the technology with the partnership of a notable VR Company, Zero Latency. The partnership saw the property offer a free-roam VR room where at a go, up to 8 players would participate in multiplayer VR games. Matt Pina, MGM Grand VP, said, ‘Virtual Reality Powered by Zero Latency has been outperforming our initial expectations.’ He would later credit the regular update of games provided in the space as the key to success. Zero Latency titles have been, however, driven towards traditional gamers.

April 2018, saw ‘The Void’ birth. This is a VR room by Venetian Grand Canal Shoppes in which the setting, just like MGM, would allow players to players to play the various multiplayer games. For Void, a Disney-backed startup, players could expect story-driven titles and some of the popular ones hosted in the space include Ghostbusters: Dimension and Ralph Breaks VR.

Walt Disney, ILMxLab, The Void | Ralph Breaks VR
© Walt Disney, ILMxLab, The Void | Ralph Breaks VR

Bally’s Casino also saw a free-roam VR attraction opened by PlatformaVR, a Russian-based VR start-up company. This happened in January 2019 and there is the talk of another VR center being anticipated by Area15 entertainment complex.

Attraction to more gamblers

Christian Stuart, Caesars Entertainment Executive VP, cites that the VR technology is one of the ways to attract gamblers which is the goal. ‘This is, for us, an innovation center, it’s a lab if you will.’ He quoted. ‘We’re trialing things here. And as we see success, we’ll take that technology to the rest of our facilities.’

With the continued visitations and the city boasting of other attractions like sky diving, shooting ranges and car racing, there is hope that the new venture will find itself in the entertainment areas and more gamblers will be brought on board. Nomadic CEO, Doug Griffin, points out that the technology has been made in a way to cater for all the age-groups where a combination of kid-friendly and adult content can bring more people in the space and would be a good avenue for the families.

PlatformaVR CEO, Ilya Kuzyuk, notes that the technology is new to many people, to gain a good market share, the VR attraction needs to be placed as experience in promoting games and not as a technology. 

With Las Vegas fast becoming a VR gaming hub, good and interesting times for the gamblers lie ahead.

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