At this Vegas cannabis lounge, you can try before you buy despite state law

A Nevada Native American tribe is offering solutions for Las Vegas visitors who wish to legally consume cannabis. 

According to the Los Angeles Times. “The Nu Wu Cannabis Marketplace recently opened the Vegas Tasting Room, a consumption lounge where patrons can legally try various pot products, despite recent state legislation that has postponed the licensing of such lounges for two years.”

Currently, it is legal to buy recreational cannabis products in Nevada for persons over 21 years of age. They may be used in a private residence, but not in a hotel room for instance. 

“We just wanted to offer a safe, friendly environment, an open space to taste products before you buy them,” said Benny Tso, a member of the governing council of the 65-member Las Vegas Paiute Tribe. 

“We’re able to do this because we’re on our sovereign land here,” Tso added. 

Over 200 different products of marijuana

The cannabis lounge is offering THC-infused gummy candies and chocolates. They also carry infused beer, fruit drinks and teas. Prices range from $10 for edibles to $20 for pre-rolled joints. 

The Nu Wu Cannabis Marketplace package deals start at $75 and allow guests to try various products before heading out to the expansive store. 

Flores who visited the lounge said, “That’s kind of what we wanted to aim for; come in here, taste it and then go out there and buy bigger quantities.”

Operators of the cannabis lounge are discouraging guests from overindulging, just like they would in a bar that serves alcohol. 

“People are told occasionally that they have been cut off. Employees will call a cad or ride-service car for someone who cannot drive safely.” Los Angeles Times

 “We like to have security nearby, to make sure no one is over-consuming,” said hostess Ali Flores. “We just give them little bits at a time to consume and then check on them periodically.”

The Vegas cannabis tasing room is open form 12:00 P.M to 8:00 P.M Sundays through Wednesdays, and from noon to midnight Thursdays through Sundays. 

NuWu is collectively regulated by the Las Vegas Paiute Cannabis Authority. “We decided to move the industry along and be pioneers,” says Benny Tso, a former chairman of the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe and current tribal council member. 

The tasting room is designed with marijuana consumers in mind including wooden beams, decorative plants and bistro lighting. Guests get to pick from a menu and try samples before making a purchase.

The only cannabis lounge in Nevada 

It is worth mentioning that NuWu will be the only legally operating cannabis lounge in Nevada for years, which means that the Paiute Tribe has a great opportunity to grow their business models before having to deal with competition. 

According to Tso, the new business will help secure three more generations to come. He said, “Economically for the tribe, it puts us in the position of becoming fully self-sufficient.”

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