Two more wrongful death lawsuits filed against Alpine Motel Apartments owner

  • Two more wrongful death lawsuits filed against the Alpine Motel Apartment owner and operator, managing member Adolfo Orozco, and Las Vegas Dragon Hotel LLC
  • Don Bennett, one of the men killed by a fire in the apartments
  • The attorneys representing Don’s two daughters and son claim that Orozco had the duty to make the property safe from fire hazards
  • 16 code violations noted by the fire investigators
  • Francis Lombardo Jr., the other man killed by the fire and his son has also filed a lawsuit against Orozco

The families of Don Bennett and Francis Lombardo Jr., two men killed in a fire incident in downtown Las Vegas at the Alpine Motel Apartments have filed wrongful death lawsuits through their attorneys against the Alpine Motel Apartment owner and operator, Adolfo Orozco, who is a managing member, and Las Vegas Dragon Hotel LLC.

One of the men killed was Don Bennett, a Marine veteran. According to the neighbors, Don died while trying to save some of his neighbors during the incident. Don’s last moments have since been engraved into the neighbors’ memories. But as recently as this week, the memories are now recorded in a wrongful death lawsuit.

The attorney representing Don’s family (two daughters and son) had the lawsuit filed on Friday, February 21st, 2020 against the Adolfo Orozco, a managing member.

In the lawsuits, the attorney claims that Orozco ‘had a duty to make the Alpine Motel Apartments safe from fire hazards.’

Exit door shut

While investigating the fire incident, 16 code violations were noted by the fire investigators and this included an exit door shut from the outside.

Cat Jacobo, Don’s fiancée, said that the shutting of the exit door was the cause of his death as he tried to open the back door to the neighbors.

For Jacobo and other tenants in the Alpine Motel Apartments, their survival was solely on them jumping out of the windows to escape the fire.

Francis Lombardo Jr. was the other man killed by the fire on that fateful day. His son has also gone forward to file a wrongful death lawsuit and like Jon Bennett’s family, he has also filed it against Adolfo Orozco.

‘Avoidable tragedy’

According to the lawsuit filed, Francis Lombardo Jr., ‘died from a senseless, avoidable tragedy.’

Adam Ellis, an attorney with Panish Shae & Boyle LLP, said in January that the lawsuit is all about ‘accountability by holding Alpine Motel Apartments owners and management accountable’

Adam Ellis is one of the attorneys representing both Don’s and Francis’s families. The attorney has also represented Tracy Cihal’s family who also passed on in the incident.

According to FOX5, they talked to Ellis back then in January when the first wrongful death lawsuit was filed by Deborah, Cihal’s sister-in-law against Adolfo Orozco.

The attorney said that Cihal’s body was found by the crew near the back exit door that was locked.

Attempts to reach Adolfo Orozco’s attorney proved to be futile.

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