The National Business Aviation Association Pushes Electric Air Mobility In The Las Vegas Limelight

During the UAM Innovation Display which was held at Las Vegas limelight, The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) announced that Electric Urban Air Mobility (UAM) will be available to the public sooner than later. According to CleanTechnica,

“Electric UAM potential is tremendous, and all signs point to it being the future if applied well. The idea of being whisked away from your front door to your final destination is appealing.”

The planes will be able to vertically take off and land and will be ready to operate commercially the next 3 to 5 years. Many speculate that the service will be expensive at the beginning! The first model of the UAM revealed a multicopter that can carry up to 5 passengers in addition to the pilot. The model was displayed by Uber Elevate, the arm of Uber concerned with incorporating urban air mobility services.

How the NBAA pushes UAM forward

Currently, it is estimated that there are around 2 various stage electric fixed-wing and other UAM aircarafts in the making. Some will get the chance to fly into the future, while others will not. CleanTechnica mentions that

“The fate of these projects doesn’t just depend on technology alone, but on the successful recipe between technology, development, investors, marketing, and production.”

NBAA and its president Ed Bolen are visionaries and they support the idea but will need to work around saturating the airspace. In the end, UAM isn’t a new concept,  but now with incorporating electric air mobility, it makes it highly efficient and safe.

3 Innovative Technologies From NBAA 2019

Thales TopMax

Thales describes TopMax as a “wearable head-up display (HUD) system with a full-colour 360-degree field-of-regard that features unlimited terrain and obstacle awareness with the use of the synthetic vision system. It can also be coupled with an enhanced vision system sensor.”

Honeywell’s UAM Cockpit Concept

 At NBAA, the company showed a singular wide-area cockpit concept display offering a reduction in size to their existing fixed and rotary wing flight control systems for the future UAM market.

Pilatus PT6 E-series

The latest update to Pratt & Whitney Canada’s PT6 engine family is the new “E-Series” version, which the company describes as the general aviation industry’s first integrated dual-channel electronic engine and propeller control system. Pilatus uses the newly digitized version of the PT6 on their new Pilatus PC-12 NGX

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