The Moulin Rouge Las Vegas Sale is Falling Apart

Last Summer, owners of the Moulin Rouge Casino in Las Vegas announced interest in selling their iconic gambling venue. In response, several Las Vegas-based companies expressed interest in buying. And even though the Moulin Rouge received several serious bids, yet the establishment has not been able to sell so far. Interestingly enough, one of the bidders was District Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez, who offered 6.2 million to purchase the casino, but she backed down after locals expressed their disapproval of her proposal.

Next in line was the Las, Vegas National Restaurant Service, who were very interested in buying, yet they did not manage to reach a deal with the owner as well. Other companies that have placed bids include; the Las Vegas Moulin Rouge LLC and Anderson Capital, which offered $9.5 million for the venue.  Kevin Hanchett, the court-appointed receiver for the Moulin Rouge Casino’s land, said that he will “continue engaging with a number of potential buyers.”

Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority- No Go!

Other interested parties included the Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority. According to the Authority’s executive director, Chad Williams, as he announced to board members a few days ago that “the deal they were going to finalise just wouldn’t work,” he added, “Maybe we can look at it 10 years from now but right now I don’t think it’s in the best interest of the housing authority to acquire this property.” Although details of why the deal didn’t fall through were not revealed, Williams told the board that they’d arrived to the conclusion based on lack of feasibility. The buying decision was also affected by the lack of decisiveness by the members of the Authority’s board, since some members opposed the purchase, noting that the Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority had no experience in retail development.

Why is the Las Vegas Moulin Rouge still famous?

The Moulin Rouge holds a special place in the Las Vegas history. The casino first opened its doors in 1955, operating at a time were all casino establishments in the city were segregated. Moulin Rouge ended that by allowing black and white casino patrons to play together without issues.

Unfortunately, the casino’s operations didn’t last for long as they closed their doors shortly after 5 months. Even though the casino has been officially closed for years, they still manage to keep their gaming license. To retain the licence, the casino hosts a small number of table games including poker and blackjack inside a trailer on the property. Owner of the Las Vega Moulin Rouge have been waiting for a year to sell the 15-acre plot of land, but so far they don’t seem to be having much luck!

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