Shooting Outside of MGM Grand Leads to Injuries as Crime Persists on Las Vegas Strip

  • One person sustained injuries outside the MGM Grand on Friday as violence on the Strip continued.
  • The shooting happed shortly before midnight when two people got involved in a fight, according to initial reports from Metro police.
  • Las Vegas has seen an uptick in violent crime in recent months, with police blaming it on gangs and out-of-state visitors.
  • Police have made some arrests connected to the violence and beefed up security in Las Vegas.

The wave of violent crime on the Las Vegas Strip persisted this weekend when one person sustained injuries outside of the MGM Grand Friday night.

State authorities have blamed much of the surge in violence on gangs and out-of-state visitors.

Initial Las Vegas Metro police reports reveal that the shooting happened shortly before midnight when two people got into a fight. Metro police told local newspapers that the shooter, who remains unnamed, was arrested. As of Saturday, there were no details about the injuries.

Recent months have seen several gun-related crimes and violence happen along the Strip.

Last month, another altercation between two unidentified men took place at the MGM Grand Las Vegas casino. Police said that the incident, which happened near casino elevators, culminated in the firing of a bullet onto the casino floor.

The two were fighting over a handgun when it discharged. A third person took the gun from the suspect. Thankfully, the gun’s discharge didn’t injure anyone.

Elsewhere on the Strip, an unnamed youngster was arrested on multiple charges for last Saturday night’s shooting at Circus Circus Hotel and Casino’s Metrodome. The suspect allegedly pulled out a handgun during a dispute.

The incident resulted in four victims, who were either teenagers or young adults, sustaining injuries that required hospital treatment.

police cars outside the MGM Grand in the night of the shooting

The alleged shooter is charged with attempted murder, assault with a lethal weapon, discharging a firearm where a person is endangered, and minor in possession of a firearm.

The suspect was apprehended last Saturday night after being found at a Circus Circus hotel room. The reason for not releasing the suspect’s name is that he was underage.

Earlier last week, Metro police arrested a man, 26, accused of beating a person at the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino RV park on the Strip. The November 8 incident was live-streamed on social media.

Shawn Guthrie was arrested on a felony assault charge. The victim, Aldo Rivas, was hospitalized at Las Vegas’ University Medical Center. As of early last week, Rivas was listed in serious condition, being placed on a ventilator, according to news reports.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal revealed that people who watched the incident live reported to police that a man had been hit at the park and had passed out.

In response to the uptick in violence, Metro police and Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo joined with other law enforcement agencies in beefing up security along the Strip and in other areas that are popular with tourists.

Las Vegas Metro Police Capt. Dori Koren recently told reporters that crime has started to reduce, “but not yet enough.”

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