Severe thunderstorm, dust storm warning issued for areas south of Las Vegas

A severe thunderstorm warning has been issued by the National Weather Service on the morning of September 2nd of dust storms throughout Clark County, Nevada. The first dust storm was reported in Mohave Valley and Lake Havasu City, other affected areas include Lake Mohave and Lake Mead as well as the cities of Laughlin, Bullhead City and Cottonwood Cove.

In a statement by one of the residents of Lake Havasu City Alan Bock mentions that

“I left work to get lunch and then had to maneuver around a tree that fell in the road to get back to the complex where my work is. This wind is nuts.” In another statement made by one of the valley’s residents Anna Minotto, she says “we just lost power in Henderson. Sunset and Boulder area.”

Weather experts are forecasting rainfall in the next short period as a result of one of the driest seasons in history for the southwestern United State. Residents of the region should be aware of the dangers this might bring about which includes lightning, flash flooding, strong winds and intense dust storms more commonly known as haboobs. According to AccuWeather “clockwise flow around an area of high pressure over the Plains will help to steer moisture from Mexico northwestward into the Southwest throughout this week.” When the moist air mixes with the strong heat, the moisture works as a catalyst fueling thunderstorms for days across the Southwest.

Watch out for the storm

With power cuts, flash flood warning, and the wind gusting at 71 mph, Clark County residents must take extra caution, especially when stepping outdoors. NV Energy’s website reveals more than 57,000 customers are without power. Moreover, due to this weather, the Las Vegas 51s had to suspend their game last Saturday. There are many signs that give way to a thunderstorm including growing darker clouds so if you catch yourself outdoors during the beginning of a storm try to immediately head to a downhill location such as a valley or any other lower grounds. Furthermore, motorists should take extra caution since visibility will be limited on the road, and even expected to reduce to zero over some areas, making for dangerous driving during conditions. Road safety officials drivers to pull over if caught up by the storm until visibility improved.

Residents of Nevada have been sharing photos and videos on their social media platforms of the unstable weather conditions. Tatiana Bonny posted a video showing heavy winds outside of Silverton Casino, with lots of debris flying around, street signs and trees shaking violently. Different state institutions have been working together to restore power shortages as quickly and safely as possible yet conditions remain turbulent and unpredictable.

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