RiSE Las Vegas Illuminates, Inspires After 2018 Disappointment

This weekend one of the biggest lantern releases in the world happened in Las Vegas. Those who attended this year got worth their money, as the lantern releasing event had to be cancelled during last year’s RiSE Festival hours before it was scheduled. Jerly, who attended last year said:

“Some of our friends who came with us last year didn’t want to come back, but we want to get the experience we paid for.”

The festival was held at the Jean dry lake bed, about 30 miles south of Las Vegas. This year’s festival was held over three days to accommodate all those who had to go home unhappy last year. About 5,000 attendees came back from last year in addition to 3,000 new visitors.

Lifting people and rising above negativity

The festival also included live music, food trucks and photos ops. Visitors enjoyed the day while decorating their lanterns, some wrote prayers, others wrote messages to loved ones. At 7 p.m everyone gathered around to release their lanterns. “The centre of the venue held a small stage, where artists the Exes and Grey performed to kick off the evening. Fanning out from the stage like sunbeams were 3,000 torches popping out of the ground that were used later to light the lanterns.”

Videos of the magical experience have been circulating the internet, reflecting the festival’s ideals of lifting people and rising above negativity. Vance Vlasek, the master of ceremonies for the night encouraged people to “imagine that the flame was love when they were lighting their lanterns before the first release.” Vlasek said “It’s what fuels your intention. If you’re letting something go and burning it away, do it with love. If you’re starting something new, spark it up with love.”

RiSE Festival

RiSE is a live music event culminating in the largest lantern release in the world. According to their official website they mention that

“Your lantern means something unique to you. But together they give a collective voice to our individual hopes and dreams in one beautiful display.”

They are attempting the create a deeply personal experience out of the sum total of each participant’s unique story and lantern message. It is worth mentioning that RiSE is not only a beautiful event but also an environmentally friendly one, as they use 100% biodegradable material for the lantern, constructing them from lanterns from the surrounding desert as well as pre-existing litter found in the area.

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