Las Vegas hotel slams OJ Simpson’s defamation claims

The Cosmopolitan hotel-casino is denying that OJ Simpson was defamed when employees banned the former football player from entering the property. 

Back in 2017, OJ Simpson filed a lawsuit against the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, alleging that the hotel and casino employees “defamed him by telling TMZ he as kicked out for belligerence,” according to Yahoo Sports. 

The lawsuit characterizes Simpson as “a well-known public figure,” college football Heisman Trophy winner and Pro Football Hall of Famer who “has experienced various legal problems.

Simpson claims in the complaint he is a “model” parolee and points to “an extremely warm and positive reception by many” who pose with him for photos.

TMZ published a story two years ago citing the Cosmopolitan hotel staff saying that Simpson was drunk and behaved in an angry and disruptive manner. 

According to TMZ’s story Simpson “broke glasses at the bar before he was removed from the casino by security.”

In the lawsuit, Simpson denies he was “belligerent, broke any glass or damaged any of the hotel property,” Associated Press. Simpson also denied being drunk, claiming that security had no right to approach him. 

The complaint Simpson filed admitted that “after several hours with two friends at a steakhouse and a lounge in November 2017 Simpson received a notice from a security guard as they left. It prohibited him from returning to the Las Vegas Strip property. He says he was never given a reason.”

The Cosmopolitan rejects OJ’s allegations

According to a TMZ report, “In recent court filing, the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas rejected Simpson’s argument that his reputation was damaged when named hotel staff gave accounts.”

The complaint asserts that Simpson received a trespass notice which he disregarded by spending hours with his two friends at a Cosmopolitan restaurant and lounge. 

The Cosmopolitan opposed the defamation complaint which claims a parole officer arrived unannounced at Simpson’s Las Vegas home following news reports of the Cosmopolitan incident and administered drug and alcohol tests to the former football star. 

Simpson denied in the lawsuit that he was “belligerent,” broke glass or damaged property.

Parole officials found that Simpson had not violated probation “and ultimately determined that the Cosmopolitan’s assertions against Simpson were false,” the complaint said.

OJ can’t seem to avoid trouble 

Simpson is currently 72, out on parole and living in Vegas after serving time for a robbery in 2007. Moreover, in October 2008 he was accused of “leading five men, including two with guns, in an ill-fated bid to retrieve personal items and memorabilia from two collectables dealers and a go-between at a Las Vegas casino-hotel,” Associated Press. 

O.J Simpson is most famous for being acquitted in Los Angeles in 1994 after being accused of killing his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. He was found liable for the killings in 1997 and was fined by a California civil court jury to pay $33.5 million to the family of both of his victims. 

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