Notoriety entertainment stops again in downtown Las Vegas

  • Notoriety Live closed after Gov. Steve Sisolak orders closure of bars not serving food
  • Notoriety provided loads of live entertainment after reopening
  • Ken Henderson frustrated with the Governor’s decision to shut down the bars
  • Notoriety built to help discover the undiscovered talents in Vegas

The new Notoriety Live on the Neonopolis complex third level had just started rebuilding its momentum after the reopening of casinos and other businesses. The downtown venue was among the places offering various Vegas-style shows including music, comedy, and magic after the reopening.

However, the fun would only last to Thursday after Gov. Steve Sisolak ordered the closure of all bars in Clark County that are not serving food.

Notoriety has been providing live entertainment events recently in the Robin Leach Lounge but still, contains several showroom and theatrical spaces. Ken Henderson, owner and operator, said that the audience volume at the shows met the 50% mandated capacity and that safety measures were taken including meeting the social distancing protocol. To separate guests from performers, a six-foot-tall plexiglass screen was installed.

Frustrated with decision

Henderson on Friday went to his and Notoriety’s social media pages to express his frustration on the decision issued by the Governor. He stated that many bar owners had ensured that the staff and patrons were kept safe and followed all the guidelines provided. He continued to state the axe would have fallen to those who defied the guidelines but not to take an easy route of ‘punishing’ them all.

Before the decision was issued, Notoriety was unlawfully selling tickets to shows, contrary to the Phase Two reopening directives issued by the Governor. Other venues such as Mosaic Theater on the Strip and the Downtown Grand Hotel also attempted the same but were forced to cancel. Henderson stated that as soon as he realized selling the tickets was unlawful, there was a shift to a two-drink minimum format in the venue operating as a lounge with entertainment. According to him, his goal was to ‘get entertainers back to work’ since some found problems receiving unemployment benefits with others being in a tough position.

The Tenors of Rock and Late Night Magic were among the recent performers at Notoriety. Leferovich, who works on different Las Vegas shows said that more shows at Notoriety by Late Night Magic were being planned for late July or early August.

Discover the undiscovered

Henderson had Notoriety doors opened last year in December after spending about a year and a half planning and renovating the former theatre space. The main idea for the place was to be a multipurpose live entertainment and music to discover the unearthed talent in Vegas.

He says that while they are not in competition with other showrooms, Notoriety is ‘kind of a launching pad’ for the undiscovered. He says discovering, supporting, giving them what they deserve, and a platform to perform is all he wants.

Two cabaret-style rooms with a capacity of 300 and 500 people respectively, six smaller theatre-style spaces with a capacity seating of 60 to 250 are what one can expect at Notoriety. The design is built on the idea of accessing different performers and flexibility in the productions that can be accommodated.

Henderson said that he had been in discussions with Greg Orrico, Jeff Bleacher, Clint Holmes, Keith Thompson, among other different producers and artists about new shows in Notoriety.

But as it stands, Notoriety takes another break like many other things in Vegas.

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