Nevada’s first cannabis consumption lounge opens

On October 5, the NuWu Cannabis Marketplace opened the first cannabis consumption lounge in Nevada and while the state hasn’t given the green light on opening cannabis lounges until 2021, NuWu is operating on sovereign tribal land, and subject to tribal authority.

According to NuWu’s website, the “Marketplace is the largest Las Vegas Dispensary located on Native American Lands.” Since recreational marijuana was legalised in Nevada back in 2016 there haven’t been any shared spaces where people can frequent and consume marijuana legally. Now the 16,000-square feet marketplace located at the north of the Fermont Street casino corridor offers tourists the chance to consume marijuana at ease.

Over 200 different products of marijuana

 NuWu is collectively regulated by the Las Vegas Paiute Cannabis Authority. “We decided to move the industry along and be pioneers,” says Benny Tso, a former chairman of the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe and current tribal council member. The tasting room is designed with marijuana consumers in mind including wooden beams, decorative plants and bistro lighting. Guests get to pick from a menu and try samples before making a purchase. The tasting menu includes; pre-rolls, bowl, pipes, concentrates and edibles. “It’s a safe and secure environment,” Tso says. “Experts administer the dab hit and bong rip; they know what the product is, what it does and how to let consumers consume safely. We’re looking at the safety and well-being of our customers, tribal members and our employees.” NuWu has over 200 available brands of marijuana products and prices range from $8 for edibles to $20 for pre-rolls. So if you are looking for a place to stop by and connect with other cannabis connoisseurs from all around the world, stop by the place!

The only cannabis lounge in Nevada

It is worth mentioning that NuWu will be the only legally operating cannabis lounge in Nevada for years, which means that the Paiute Tribe has a great opportunity to grow their business models before having to deal with competition. According to Tso, the new business will help secure three more generations to come. He said, “Economically for the tribe, it puts us in the position of becoming fully self-sufficient.” Tso says “the tribe entered into the cannabis industry as a way to diversify income streams. Revenues will go toward education, elder care, health and government services for the tribe. People have asked before if we knew what we were doing because cannabis is such a provocative subject. Yes, we do know what we’re doing. We know the conditions of our tribe and its members, what they struggle with. This is why we’re doing that. We can [now afford] to look at things we weren’t able to before.”

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