Nevada congressional delegation remains mostly on hold on Trump impeachment calls

With every passing day, more Democrats are calling for the House of Representatives to start with the impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. More than half the Hose caucus have indicated their support for impeachment including Nevada State representative Dina Titus. The congresswoman is the only Democratic representative from Nevada who has a firm stand supporting the president’s impeachment.

“My decision isn’t based on my disagreements with the president’s policies or my disapproval of his temperament, though I have both,” said Titus in a statement. “I’m calling for an impeachment inquiry because of the mounting evidence that Donald Trump has repeatedly broken the law to protect his interests.”

Titus chairs the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committees Economic Development, Public Building, and Emergency Management Subcommittee. She announced her of an impeachment inquiry last month and seems to be taking effective steps along with 120 congress representatives who are dissatisfied with Trump’s administration. Titus openly denounced Trump for conflicting interests when it comes to his business investments which he is not fully divesting from. She also believes that Trump is “lying to law enforcement officials who are investigating the Russian attack on our democracy — and ordering his staff to do the same.” Titus believes that the Congress has to make sure that no president is above the law.

The debate over impeachment reflects

President Trump’s open feud with the House Democrats and it is not surprising that calls for an impeachment investigation are gaining more support. Out of 235 Democrats in the Congress, 130 are supporting impeachment, while some have gone further. On the other hand, some representatives such as democratic leader Nancy Pelosi remain firmly opposed to impeachment as she believes it might not be the right time. She asserts that there’s no chance the Senate will remove Trump from office fearing that a controversial impeachment vote can harm Democrats representing districts that voted for Trump.

Nevada Congress Representatives still not firm on their decision

Other reps. such as Susi Lee, representing the 3rd district and Steven Horsford representing the 4th District has not supported the impeachment inquiry commenting that such powers must be used sparingly and wisely.” Lee believes that “Congressional committees still have ongoing investigations about presidential obstruction, and the facts that come from those investigations are key to any decision on impeachment,” she said.

“When the committee investigations are complete, and if articles of impeachment are brought to the floor, I will make an informed decision about how to proceed.” Moreover, Horsford says “I read all 444 pages of the report — front page to the back,” he said.

“Clearly, based on the evidence of that report, there are very significant findings against this administration, and I believe that that report along with the other investigative actions that are currently underway will ultimately determine what steps we will take.”

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