Sisolak Orders National Guard to Las Vegas

  • The National Guard will be deployed to Southern Nevada, Gov. Steve Sisolak announced on Tuesday.
  • The squad won’t be controlling crowds but will assist Metro Police to protect facilities, maintain public safety, and allow people to demonstrate peacefully.
  • This Wednesday, the County Clark Commission was considering prohibiting luggage, backpacks, and other carriers that may hide harmful materials during protests.
  • The changes are coming amid heated protests against the death of George Floyd, who died in custody when a Metro Police pressed his knee down the victim’s neck.

The National Guard will be deployed to Southern Nevada, according to Tuesday’s announcement by Gov. Steve Sisolak that came a day after a Las Vegas Metropolitan Department officer was shot in the head on the Strip.

However, the deployment is not for crowd control. The statement said that the mission of the National Guard was to support the protection of critical facilities, preservation of public safety, and permission of people “to exercise their rights to peacefully demonstrate.”

Previously, members of the National Guard were deployed to help police in Reno handle protests there. Also, they have been helping the state respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This Wednesday, the County Clark Commission was considering prohibiting luggage, backpacks, big purses, and other containers that may hide harmful materials at protests.

Two government officials who once served in the Metro Police Department called for police reforms in Nevada, curfews, and tougher measures against violent demonstrators.

Las Vegas has been dealing with protests against the in-custody death of George Floyd, an unarmed black American who was killed by a Minneapolis police officer by kneeling on the victim’s neck. The officer was arrested and charged for committing the crime.

The county ordinance that was to be considered on Wednesday would embrace rules that are similar to restrictions that now exist during special events and New Year’s Eve. While it would permit demonstrators to exercise their First Amendment rights, necessary medical devices and the media would be excluded.

The ordinance read that Clark County has witnessed violence between protesters, against law enforcement officers, and both publicly and privately-owned property due to the protests.

Las Vegas and North Las Vegas cities said they were also considering an emergency ordinance that resembles the proposed county law.

Councilman is Tough

Stavros Anthony, the Las Vegas Councilman and former Metro Police captain, went on Twitter before the governor made the announcement calling for the activation of the National Guard to assist Metro officers. Also, he desired the holding without bail and sending back of violent protesters to “the state they came from.”

Anthony said that the officer would be alive if the curfew and National Guard were in place on Monday. However, Shay Mikalonis, the officer who was shot was still alive on Tuesday, but in a critical state at University Medical Center.

Anthony admitted that restricting nighttime outdoor activities would affect the timeline of reopening casinos in Nevada. However, he said the city must send a message to the public to encourage peaceful demonstrations but discourage violence and looting.

Mayor Carol Goodman released a statement, saying she wouldn’t comment in detail about the issue until the Monday night tragic incident’s facts are established.

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