Las Vegas Raiders – The Team to Shatter Expectations in 2020

  • The added talent and the seven-win 2019 campaign add expectations to the Las Vegas Raiders
  • Mike Mayock has revamped the squad with additions and stripping the roster of some terrible contracts
  • The Raiders missed on a late playoff push after losing five of the last six games
  • Randy Gurzi of NFL SpinZone puts the Raiders at No.5 on a list of teams that could shatter expectations in 2020

The Las Vegas Raiders franchise rarely gets love from the national media with the past 20 years seeing them run through the mud. However, some feel that this team could shatter expectations this season thanks to the addition of talents and the coming off a seven-win 2019 campaign.

Talent additions

Mike Mayock has been in the center of the transition since taking over the ranks of the general manager for the 2019 offseason. He struck gold in the draft by bringing in talented players through free agency. The GM also stripped the roster of some terrible contracts. The Antonio Brown saga also stood on the way and was tough. However, the team put it in the past and had a very competitive last season.

Sitting at 6-4 last season, it looked like the Raiders had gone past the tough part of their schedule and would make a push to make it into the playoffs. However, this did not come to be with the Raiders closing out the season by losing five of their last six games. But this season, they could be a team to beat having strengthened their weak links in the secondary, linebacker, and at wide receiver this offseason.

One media outlet feels that of five teams likely to shatter expectations, the Raiders are one of them.

The general manager and head coach effect

Recently, NFL SpinZone’s Randy Gurzi placed the Raiders at No.5 on a list of five NFL teams that they feel could shatter expectations in the 2020 NFL season. In the piece, Randy cites the team rebuild since Mike Mayock took over as the general manager and how he has nailed the draft and free agency and also cites Jon Gruden as another force since taking over as the head coach.

Mayock took over a franchise having five first-round picks over the first two years as general manager but he was able to do more. The first-time GM has since dominated in the later rounds and brought about other talents in Hunter Renfrow and Max Crosby, Amik Robertson has also been brought in and is viewed as one of the 2020 draft steals.

Additionally, Randy viewed the additions of free agents such as Maliek Collins, Prince Amukamara, and Damarius Randall to the defence and the addition of veteran Jason Witten as other reasons the Raiders can shatter expectations in 2020.

For the first time, the Raiders look like a team balanced with great talent and experience. Based on the 2020 roster for the campaign, it is only right to assume that Las Vegas Raiders will be a team to watch in the 2020 season.

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