Las Vegas Mayor Pro Tem Steps Down

  • Michele Fiore steps down after alleged racial remarks made at a Republican convention
  • She refutes the controversy behind her stepping down
  • Mayor Carolyn Goodman supports Michele Fiore claiming she is not a ‘racist or a bigot’
  • Niger Innis confirms what witnesses claimed to have heard but claims the comments are not racist
  • Council Stavros Anthony likely to resume Fiore’s former role

Tuesday, June 16, saw Las Vegas City Councilwoman Michele Fiore step down as the mayor pro tem. This is after making alleged ‘racial remarks’ during the Clark County Republican Party convention on June 6.

However, she claimed that her decision to step down from the appointed position had nothing to do with the controversial remarks made by her opposing affirmative action.

She remains on the City Council as the Ward 6 representative and she said that she will be laying her focus in ensuring the racial divide gap is bridged and to remain committed to realizing ‘meaningful and lasting change.’

‘Not a racist or a bigot’

She was accompanied by Mayor Carolyn Goodman during the news conference held at City Hall. The mayor thanked the Councilwoman for her work in the mayor pro tem position. Fiore was the person who would fill in her position if she would be unavailable or absent. In case the mayor’s office became vacant, she would take over.

In her speech, the speech said that the Councilwoman had been loyal and giving her all to the community. In a show of support, the mayor said, ‘I believe in no way can Mayor Pro Tem Fiore ever be considered or have been considered a racist or a bigot.’

While the recording alleging racial remarks made by the Councilwoman has not yet surfaced, a letter by Councilman Cedric Crear to Goodman describes what witnesses claim to have heard during Fiore’s opposition to affirmative action. In the letter, it claims Fiore said,’ I am a white woman and I should not lose my job because of their black asses.’

Several Republican delegates including her friend Niger Innis, a black conservative activist, claims to have heard similar comments. However, Innis denies the Councilwoman’s comments as racist. Fiore issued an apology last week to ‘anyone who might have been offended’ but claimed that the media reports had taken her remarks out of context.

The country Republican Party’s chief of staff, Richard MacLean, said that they had received over 100 calls by June 8 expressing dismay over Fiore’s comments including those of ‘white lives matter’. However, Fiore said that she had said all lives mattered.

Calls for her removal

To initiate a recall, the controversy led to an ‘Expel Michele’ group against the Councilwoman.

In a statement by Crear, who is the only black member in the council, said that it wasn’t a ‘day for celebration’ and called on Goodman to remove Fiore from the mayor pro tem position.

The Councilman vowed to fight ‘systemic racism’ and stated that there was no ‘place for divisiveness and bigotry’ at City Hall.

Councilman Stavros Anthony, who served in the same position from 2011-15 and also the senior-most member in the council, is likely to replace Fiore according to the Mayor. They worked together during her first term in office.

However, the appointment for the mayor pro tem must get approval by a council majority and could further be presented to the city’s lawmakers.

Anthony is also the Republican competitor to Secretary of State Ross Miller for the District C county commission. If he was to win in November, the mayor pro tem position would be rendered vacant once more.

Fiore still declined to repeat what she had said and stated that she was focused on healing the community and fighting against looting and rioting. She concluded by saying she would also put her effort to ensure Pres. Donald Trump is reelected.

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