Las Vegas is Reopening in One Week

  • Las Vegas is set to reopen on the 4th of June as Gov. Steve Sisolak announced on Tuesday.
  • However, the city won’t be the one you’ve known.
  • Steve Hill suggests that the step of reopening Vegas could help return the city to “normalcy.”
  • Sin City has been under shut-down since mid-March.

As next week marks the reopening of Las Vegas for tourists, visitors should expect some differences. No nightclubs, sporting events, and shows. Casinos will be far from full and housekeeping checklists detailed. In other words, Vegas won’t resemble the vibrant destination you have known and loved in the past.

Much of the US has been under shut-down since mid-March and Sin City hasn’t been an exception. Local officials and casinos in the city have done this to curb COVID-19 spread.

Vegas is now ready for activity again after more than two months of closed restaurants, locked resorts, and a desolate Las Vegas Boulevard. However, one has to regularly sanitize hands, wear a face mask, and maintain social distancing.

Normalcy Could be Returning

Steve Sisolak, the Nevada Governor, said Tuesday that the city’s casino resorts were ready and safe to receive travelers again. He added that the officials were going to take serious precautionary measures. He encouraged visitors to come to Vegas and have a good time.

However, Sin City will have a different look. A Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority ad alerted visitors that they may experience an unfamiliar city for the predictable future. The ad adds that since the world has changed, Las Vegas is also following suit.

Steve Hill, the LVCVA CEO, reassured visitors that Las Vegas is still the same destination they have known before even if things might look unfamiliar there. He said that Sin City can still be an escape from the tough time people have gone through over the last 70 days. According to Hill, visitors will still appreciate Las Vegas, though certain aspects of the city may be a bit different from what they were used to.

Hill suggests that the reopening of Vegas is a step toward normality and the return of a highly independent, eclectic, and bold destination.

Changes to Expect

While there are about 15,000 hotel rooms in Las Vegas, only a small portion of these will open next week. The Wynn Las Vegas, Bellagio, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, and Caesars Palace will be among the places to visit on June 4 on the Strip. On the same date, several Boyd Gaming resorts and Station Casinos will reopen off-Strip.

Hotel owners have already started reporting high demand for their tickets. However, most casino companies will embrace a phased approach to weigh demand and minimize the risk of infecting their employees.

Every casino resort will have enough hand sanitizing sites all over their properties. Moreover, they will give face masks for free. Besides, they will have new signage that advises guests to wear masks at all times.

It’s not just the hotels that will be different. Other areas to expect shockers include nightlife, slots sections of casinos, restaurants, and outdoor adventure.

Hill says it’s the best time to explore a side of Las Vegas you’ve never tried before.

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