Job safety concerns raised by some Las Vegas workers amid resorts reopening

  • Videos and photos surface of many unmasked visitors in the crowded Las Vegas casinos
  • Nevada Gaming Control Board required every reopening casino to set out new health and safety protocols
  • Another concern raised on the different interpretation of the new rules
  • Voluntarily declining to take a job back due to the fear of COVID-19 exposure has its implications
  • Some properties have, however, prioritized on safety

Wearing of masks and social distancing not observed

Golden Nugget employee, Shauna McQueen, is one of the furloughed employees who has not worked in the property for months. However, she says she might consider not going back after videos and photos surfaced of many unmasked visitors in the crowded Las Vegas casinos.

She has not been called back yet and the offer is not guaranteed. However, she claims that she might decline it saying that she doesn’t ‘feel safe at all’.

Golden Nugget did not respond when reached out.

Some workers have raised safety concerns especially with many of the visitors flouting rules such as wearing masks and social distancing. This comes even after the Nevada Gaming Control Board required every reopening casino to set out new health and safety protocols.

Todd Henderson is another Strip worker who hasn’t been called yet. But, on the reopening weekend, he was accompanied to Las Vegas Boulevard by his wife to ‘get exercise and check things out.’

According to him, he was shocked to see many people not wearing masks other than the workers.

Face covering has been found to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus and help out those who might be positive without knowing to avoid transmission.

Henderson also raised concerns over how the new rules were being interpreted differently. According to him, there was a variation of social distancing, enforcement of masks, and plexiglass at table games in different properties.

If called back, Henderson would be ready to return but his weekend’s findings have had him concerned and worried.

He plans to be more cautious and keep watch of himself by following guidelines such as hands washing and sanitizing, social distancing, and not touching the face.

Declining resumption may spell doom

As much as returning to work seems risky, the workers face other implications if they would voluntarily decline to take their jobs back due to the fear of COVID-19 exposure. The Department of Labor’s website states that in such a scenario, the employee will be ineligible for the traditional unemployment insurance and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance.

For Shauna McQueen, her next move is unclear were she to decline the return offer. However, she says that a less crowded place would be somewhere she would consider.

Shauna believes that working at a casino during these unprecedented times would be so worrisome. This is despite the knowledge that the Las Vegas unemployment rate as of April stood at 33.5%.

Many guests arriving from hotspots areas

According to her, working on the front desk will have you as the first employee to interact with people coming from all over the country. She notes that with people coming in with no masks, it is disrespectful since the employee has to touch their stuff. Shauna claims that the masks are ‘guards’ to the employees.

Nevada has scored well in keeping the positive COVID-19 cases below the national average but it’s different in other neighboring states.

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