Grand Canyon helicopter tours out of Las Vegas

Las Vegas is undeniably the gambling capital of the world, with various world-class casinos, entertainment, and attractions, dazzling tourists from all around the globe. But there is more to Sin City than just that. For those feeling more adventurous and willing to go out there and explore, the city has a lot more to offer. A half-hour drive outside the city towards the desert of Boulder City one can easily enjoy great sights by opting for a helicopter tour. John Power, the owner of 5 Star Helicopter Tours, which was established back in 2012, has mentioned that “they are a small company making sure that their guests get a personalised experience from start to finish.” 

A typical day tour

Power explains that when tourists visit they have it set in their mind that “they have to land on the canyon floor – but there are only a couple of tours where you can physically go all the way to the bottom, and usually that is if you are doing the pontoon boat.” In a lot of these tours the main focus in experiencing the superb view from the top, flying through the canyon. 

Mojave Desert
© Mojave Desert

The day typically starts with a quick stop for refreshments, before jumping into a Eurocopter AS350, preparing for take-off. The forward-facing seats of the helicopter allow for a 180-degree view of the Grand Canyon. Passing through the Boulder Basin, which is considered one of the largest artificial lakes in the world, stretched over 750 miles. Moving on to the next view of the famous Hoover Dam before flying over the Colorado River. Throughout the tour, passengers are guided by the pilot, sharing their knowledge about the area. Next sight is the Mojave Desert, which is an area inhabited by over 750 different species of animals. 

After flying for about 40 minutes the helicopter lands at a small airport on the West Rim, where passenger transfer to Eagle Point for a spectacular view of the canyon. The area takes its name after a rock formation in the shape of the bird. It is also a sacred site to the Hualapai tribe, who own and operate the land. Climbing almost 4,000 feet above the ground, you can spot a horseshoe-shaped platform with a glass floor, which allows you to see down into the canyon. Visiting Eagle Point on a clear day is highly recommended for a majestic view of the Grand Canyon which spreads for miles and miles to the horizon. 

Concluding the trip many are mesmerised by the experience and describe it as

“an exhilarating, uplifting, poetic and humbling experience all at the same time – the image of which will forever be burnt into my memory.”

Top helicopter tour operators

According to Trip Advisor here are the top rated helicopter tour operators in the area;

  • 5 Starts Helicopter Tours
  • Grand Canyon All-American Helicopter Tour
  • Grand Canyon 4 in 1 Helicopter Tour
  • Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour from Las Vegas
  • Grand Canyon West Rim Luxury Helicopter Tour
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